Bulimia Treatment Testimonials – 2/

Bulimia Treatment Testimonials – 2

Bulimia Treatment - Hypnotherapy And NLP - Testimonials

Just over one year later, I can hardly believe it, but I am absolutely delighted to say I no longer suffer from the agony and torture of Bulimia! What’s more I would completely recommend this as a fantastic, effective for of treatment for bulimia and can not say enough good things about it!

Clare had been suffering from bulimia 2 – 3 times a day for years. The treatment took just one session.

Hi Steve

I just want to say thank you for the session I had with you, its something I’ve never done before as I’m not the sort of person that likes to think I have a problem, let alone talk about my problems. After seeing you I came out with a different outlook on life and it may sound stupid, but also a feel-good buzz, that from that day forward I was a new person and I was going to be the person I wanted to be.

The imagery worked really well with me, and for the first time in two years I was able to relax and sit in my house and watch TV for a good couple of hours without any urge to binge or venture into the kitchen.

I now feel in control of this and feel I can become the person I want to be.

I’m therefore writing to cancel my appointment on Wednesday.

I do feel strong and more confident.

Thank you.

Sara is a dentist and had ‘done bulimia’ on a regular basis for many years – she was also addicted to chocolate (not good things for a dentist!). I saw her twice for treatment for bulimia.

Hi Steve, I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big “thank-you” for helping me overcome Bulimia. Yes I can safely say it is well and truly in the past. I haven’t been sick for well over month. I just don’t feel the need anymore. I would also like to say how impressed I was about the NLP work you did. I really have gone right off chocolate, even to the point where found myself scraping off the chocolate from the top of a cereal bar before I could eat it. Nowadays I feel I am generally eating a lot more sensibly and on the whole am able to control the amount I am eating too.

Thank you once again and keep up the good work

Kind Regards

Mandy was a long-term sufferer. She sent this some time after treatment for bulimia.

After seeing a programme about Bulimia on the TV when I was just 14, I remember thinking, what a ‘good idea’!! Eat what you like and chuck it up after! Little did I know, it is not as simple as that…..it gets hold of you and takes over your life, almost all of your waking thoughts are about food. After suffering from bulimia for over 15 years, I finally wanted to address it and get it out of my life and make room for more positive thoughts and actions!!! I did some research in the internet and found to my great delight, JustBeWell. I thought, “Great”, I don’t want to go to a counsellor and spend weeks, months even years analysing my past to figure out why I have this condition, I already know and can work that out for myself! I just want it gone, so I called up had a quick chat to Steve on the phone and then made an appointment.

Steve was fantastic, he made me feel comfortable and at ease so quickly. He made me laugh, spoke with such confidence and sincerity that I trusted him almost immediately. I had suffered with my disease in complete solitude for over 15 years and was really seeing the detrimental results bulimia was having on my body….my saliva glands getting so swollen in my neck that all definition was going from my jaw-line (no-one else seamed to be noticing…..but I did!!), my nasal cavity and throat often bleeding, blood vessels in my face getting damaged and my digestive system I knew was in a horrendous state.

I didn’t throw up every single meal every single day, I could some times, only sometimes, go for a couple of weeks without doing it…so for years and years I convinced myself I was not a huge problem! I successfully hid it from everyone I loved, no one even guessed, so I thought I was pretty good at it!! After just two sessions with Steve I was completely free of Bulimia for over 7 months, I had one brief relapse which lasted maybe 2-3 weeks max and that was is it!

know there are thousands and thousands of sufferers out there and I think they should all be made aware that this form of treatment is available, efficient and very very effective!


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