You Can Overcome Tinnitus/

You Can Overcome Tinnitus

Hypnotherapy And NLP Treatments For Tinnitus

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • How much better would you be
  • If your tinnitus didn’t bother you?
  • A cure for tinnitus can be had
  • Or at least an easier life.
  • It is possible to treat tinnitus.
  • Hypnosis and NLP may well help.

How Are You Going To Help My Tinnitus Problems?

There are a variety of treatments for tinnitus that have emerged from the fields of hypnotherapy and NLP.  Some of them involve consciously learning particular routines when the condition is particularly ‘bad’ Some of them aim to reduce your awareness of the problem, making it fall away from consciousness.

Becoming Less Aware Of Tinnitus

As you read this you may well be focussing on the sounds in your mind that we label ‘tinnitus’. After all, you are reading about a page devoted to the condition.  While you are reading these words you are probably not aware of the other sounds in your environment to the same extent such as the sound of your computer’s fan.

Hearing, awareness of sound, can be highly selective. Consider, for example, someone who moves next to a railway line, or under a flight-path near an airport. To begin with they will probably notice every train that goes by, and every plane that flies overhead. If you don’t live in a location like this but you have visited a friend who does live in such a place what will probably have happened was this. You will have been highly aware of the sounds that went by, they may even have made you jump. These sounds, however, in all likelihood, won’t have even registered in your friend’s consciousness…

Hypnotherapy And NLP Tinnitus Treatments

There are range of hypnotherapeutic techniques and treatments that aim to train your mind to treat the sounds of tinnitus as if you had ‘got used to them’, and ‘didn’t notice them’ (the passing train phenomena). This is done by suggestions and embedded commands, delivered either directly, or via metaphor. This kind of approach can often be very effective in reducing your awareness of the sounds of tinnitus. There are some NLP approaches that literally ‘play’ with the way that you experience the sounds, altering them, moving them, changing the apparent direction, changing the tone. Sometimes a person can be trained to literally take control of the sounds – and then turn the volume down, or off…

Stress, Anxiety And Tinnitus

One thing is pretty certain. When your stress and anxiety levels are reduced, you are less likely to be bothered by tinnitus.  So rest assured that we will do our best to work with you so that you can be more in control in your life and calmer – more automatically.

Will You Cure My Tinnitus Problems Completely ?

It has happened, on occasion, that someone simply stops experiencing the problem. That’s what we aim for, every time. It is, however, likely that the treatments will result in you experiencing a noticeable and pleasing reduction in your symptoms, although we do not claim that we can cure the problem completely.

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