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Depression Treatment Testimonials

Depression Therapy Testimonials - Hypnotherapy and NLP

This feeling of happiness that I have now is so intense that it’s difficult to believe that it’s real but it’s lasted for weeks now and I’m beginning to believe that it’s permanent.
You have given me my life back. Thank you.

Brenda had had depression for many years…

Hi Steve

It’s difficult to find the words to express my thanks for what you have done for me in the past few weeks. You are gifted with not only your talent for hypnotherapy but with warmth and empathy. It was a long road that led me to seek the help of a hypnotherapist and I am immensely grateful that it led me to you.

It was such a relief to meet someone who didn’t rummage around in the sad parts of my mind but found and released the lightness and zest for living that had been out of use for so long.

Thank you.


James needed therapy for depression, anxiety, and a general lack of motivation…

Dear Steve

I thought I would drop you a quick e-mail to say thank you for seeing me and to tell you what a difference it has made to my life. If you remember I saw you towards the end of last summer when I felt a growing sense of depression, something that I had suffered from a few years earlier following divorce. I told you that I had to endure numerous therapy sessions with a councillor, spanning several months and eventually I got through it. However I couldn’t face that again and as fate would have it I found your homepage. We met and you confidently assured me that two or three session should be enough to see me back on the right track, something I was sceptical about at first. Not any more … after two sessions I felt back to my positive self and if you remember we left it that I could always come back for that third session if I needed it. Well over six months have passed and I am feeling great and just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. They say word of mouth is the most positive form of advertising and I know you have seen a few of my friends for all sorts of things and I will continue to spread the word of the great and professional therapy you are doing.

Take care


Josie suffered from both anxiety and depression

Hi Steve,

It’s Josie, I saw you about 3 weeks ago with my problem that I had with depression. I had two sessions with you and after the first I began to see improvements.  I feel so my more relaxed and calmer, and I’ve started to really like who I am.  I’ve been doing the exercises every day, so it now feels like second nature.  I thought it would feel really strange not having it, but it feels fine.  I notice little things on a daily basis and not often straight away. Certain situations I realised I’m dealing with them allot differently that before.  I’ve got my exams coming up in a few weeks and I feel good about it.  I will keep doing the exercises and I’m looking forward to the future.

Thank you very much for your assistance Steve!.


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