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This page takes you to pages within JustBeWell.com that feature some of the testimonials from our clients. Sometimes you will arrive at the main page of a particular issue, in which case the testimonial will be further down that page. More often, however, the testimonials have individual pages of their own.

Anger Management Treatments
We refer to anger management, because that is what most people with anger issues think they need. What we do, however, is more anger prevention than anger management, and is more training than therapy.
Anger Management Testimonials »

This word covers a multitude of problems and is often associated with depression, panic and stress. We have two pages of testimonials from people we have treated who had anxiety issues.
Page 1 – Anxiety Therapy Depression Testimonials »
Page 2 – Treatment For Anxiety Disorder Testimonials »

Asthma can and often does respond to hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy For Asthma Testimonials »

Bird Phobia
The extreme fear of birds is one of those phobias which can have a really limiting affect on someone’s quality of life,  It can be cured.
Fear Of Birds Testimonials »

Binge Drinking
Binge drinking is becoming more and more of a problem in many societies.  We work to train the mind to be in control and, if require, enable the person to enjoy a few social drinks without going over the top.
Binge Drinking Treatments Testimonials »

Binge Eating
Binge eating disorder is amazingly common and is due to, in the main, bad habit. Bringing your relationship to food under control is usually a liberating experience for someone.
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Blushing Problems
Through the years one of the most common problems that we have helped people to overcome is the problem of excessive or inappropriate blushing. Three pages of testimonials are listed here
Page 1 – Treatments For Excessive Blushing Testimonials »
Page 2 – Therapy For Excessive Blushing Testimonials »
Page 3 – Blushing Information Testimonials »

Bulimia Nervosa
Treating bulimia has become something of a speciality for us simply because we are very often successful when everything else has failed, and word gets around. There are six pages of testimonials regarding successful treatments of bulimia listed below.
Page 1 – Therapy For Bulimia Testimonials »
Page 2 – Treatment For Bulimia Testimonials »
Page 3 – Bulimia Treatments Testimonials »
Page 4 – Bulimia Information Testimonials »
Page 5 – Bulimia Eating Disorders Testimonials »
Page 6 – Chronic Bulimia Problems Testimonials »
Page 7- Bulimia Cured With Hypnotherapy And NLP »

Cannabis Addiction
If you have reached the point in your life when you really do want to overcome your cannabis addiction then we can almost certainly help you
Addiction To Cannabis »

Two members of the JustBeWell team are specialists in hypnosis and NLP to assist childbirth, Kathy Welter-Nichols in Vancouver and Tina Taylor in London and Surrey
Hypnobirthing – The Mongan Method Testimonials »

Addiction To Chocolate
Usually a very easy thing to sort out, chocolate addiction can, in extreme cases, be very dangerous.
Stop Eating Chocolate Testimonials »

Addiction To Cocaine
Of all drug addictions, addiction to cocaine responds very well to hypnotherapy and NLP.
Page 1 – Cocaine Habit Testimonials »
Page 2 – Stop Taking Cocaine Testimonials »

Addiction To Smoking Cigarettes
One of the things hypnosis and hypnotherapy is famous for helping people to deal with is cigarette smoking.
Give Up Smoking Testimonials »

As you may imagine, depression is something we are helping people to resolve on a regular basis. There are five testimonials pages for depression, as follows.
Page 1 – Stop Being Depressed Testimonials »
Page 2 –  Therapy For Depression Testimonials »
Page 3 –  Stop Feeling Depressed Testimonials »
Page 4 –  Depression And Anxiety Treatments Testimonials »

Delayed Ejaculation
A very common problem that is invariably made worse and sustained by the man worrying about it in both in advance and at the time.
Delayed Ejaculation Treatment Testimonials »

Treat the fear and anticipation of dizziness and the symptoms sometimes just fade away. Always check with your doctor is you have physiological symptoms.
Stop Dizziness Testimonials »

Fear of Driving
There are many forms of ‘fear driving’, it’s a common phobia. This fear can manifest in a whole host of different ways, from motorway driving terrors to being scared to go more than a couple of miles from home in your car. We can help you.
Fear of Driving Testimonials »

Facial Tics
Physiological problems like facial tics and twitches are obviously unconscious muscle movements – in that the person is not doing them deliberately. They often do respond to hypnotherapy, a lot cheaper in the long run than botox.
Stop Facial Tics Testimonials »

Flying Phobia And Fear
One of the more common issues we get to help people overcome, the fear, or phobia of flying can normally be eliminated within 1 – 3 sessions. Two pages of testimonials below.
Page 1 – Fear Of Flying Testimonials »
Page 2 – Flying Phobia Testimonials »

IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, is what the medical profession calls a range of symptoms that they do not know the cause of. Hypnotherapy can help with IBS
Help Stop Irritable Bowel Syndrome Testimonials »

So how do you stop those thoughts running round and round in your mind when you are trying to get to sleep and how do you stop worrying about it, how do you stop waking up when you don’t want to? Hypnotherapy and NLP may well provide the answers.
Insomnia Cure Testimonials »

Interview Nerves
Interview anxiety can seriously affect your career prospects. You don’t need therapy for this, just training to get you in control of your imagination, thinking and feelings. NLP and hypnotherapy can help you with this.
Interview Anxiety Testimonials »

This ‘testimonial’ is actually a reprint of a full page article on the treatment of jealousy in Elle magazine following an objective ‘road test’ of our work.
Jealousy And Hypnosis Testimonials »

Nail Biting
This is usually just one session, even if someone turns up with their fingers bleeding. If there are other issues such as generalised anxiety, this will take longer to resolve.
Stop Nail Biting Testimonials »

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD
There are a huge range of behaviours that are categorised as obsessive-compulsive, from repeated checking, cleaning, to obsessive routines and unwanted repeated thoughts.
OCD Treatments Testimonials »

Pain Relief
Not a testimonial as such but an article based on the successful treatment of chronic severe pain
Pain Relief Therapy Article, Page 1, 2, 3 »

Panic And Anxiety Attacks
We have a very good understanding of how to treat anxiety attacks, or panic attacks; whatever you may call them, and the next two links give you some examples of this.
Anxiety Attacks Treatments Testimonials »
Cure For Panic And Anxiety Attacks Testimonials »

Another physical condition which can respond well to hypnotherapy.
Psoriasis Treatments Testimonials »

Public Speaking Phobia
We have literally sorted this problem for hundreds of people over the years. The fear of public speaking can usually be eliminated in 2 – 3 sessions. There are two testimonials pages for this issue.
Page 1 – Public Speaking Anxiety Testimonials »
Page 2 – Public Speaking Nerves Testimonials »

Self Confidence
Problems with self confidence are also referred to by such expressions as low self esteem. The names of these issues are not important, changing the way you feel about yourself is.
Low Self Confidence Testimonials »

This can be a crippling condition and is sometimes referred to as social anxiety. Shyness is something that you can learn to overcome, often very rapidly.
Stop Shyness And Social Anxiety Testimonials »

Spider Phobia
The fear of spiders is another hugely common phobia and all of us on the JustBeWell team have cured many of these. This isn’t a link to testimonials, it is a brief article by Tina Taylor who cured 5 spider phobics on live TV last year.
Fear Of Spiders Testimonials »

Stage Fright
This works in someone’s mind in the same way that fear of public speaking does. Even seasoned performers sometimes develop stage fright. It is very treatable.
Stage Fright Treatments Testimonials »

We have Laura Spicer on the team, a woman who Paul McKenna once called the Queen of the stutter cure. All of us can help someone stop stuttering, it is just that Laura is faster and more practiced at it.
Stammering Treatments Testimonials »

Excessive Sweating
Help to get people to stop excessive sweating works in the same way as getting people to stop blushing too much. Remove the thoughts and feelings of ‘expecting to sweat’ and the sweating is generally radically reduced.
Treatments For Excessive Sweating Testimonials »

Trichotillomania – Compulsive Hair Pulling
The self destructive habit of pulling the hair out by the roots is one of those seemingly automated patterns of behaviour that tends to respond well to hypnotherapy and NLP.
Compulsive Hair Pulling Testimonials »

Wedding Nerves
It’s really important that your wedding is one of the best days of your life; we can help to cure wedding nerves so that it will be.
Wedding Nerves And Anxiety Testimonials »

Weight Control
Weight control is one of the great preoccupations of the western world. In this context we are talking about losing weight. We don’t do ‘diets’ simply because they don’t work for the vast majority of people. We train people to have a healthier attitude to food.
Controlling Weight Testimonials »