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Overcome Your Fear Of Gagging, Swallowing & Choking

Hypnotherapy & NLP:Overcome Fear Gagging, Swallowing Or Choking

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • What would your life be like
  • Without the fear of swallowing
  • With no fear of gagging or choking
  • Imagine how good this will be
  • The cure for fear of swallowing.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

Swallowing, Gagging and Choking Fears Cured – Hypnotherapy & NLP

There are a number of ways that these problems manifest themselves. Although the contexts may be quite different, the mechanics of the problems themselves are very similar, and all respond well to the direct hypnotherapy and NLP techniques the JustBeWell team employs.

Here are some typical examples:

A person with a limited diet, with food aversion or food phobia problems will usually have a gagging reflex if they try and eat something they new or unfamiliar.

  • Someone may develop a fear of choking while a dentist is examining them, or become scared they might gag during dental procedures.
  • Someone might have a highly exaggerated awareness of swallowing saliva generally. We all generate and swallow saliva constantly throughout our lives, it’s a natural process.  People with hyper awareness of swallowing will often try to fight the reflex and find themselves swallowing in a forced or awkward manner.

How Are You Going To Help Me To Overcome My Fears?

Well, this will depend upon your individual situation. In all its aspects this is a conditioned response, a conditioned mental pattern that has become automated. What we won’t do is spend time going over the past in the hope that discovering the cause will provide the solution. This does work for some people but the best way to treat these kinds of issues, we believe, is to use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy to directly recondition the behaviour.

Using these kinds of approaches we find that in general people respond within two to three sessions.

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  1. Patrice says:

    I need a cd for fear of choking do they exist? thank you

    • steve says:


      Sorry we dont have a recording specifically for this issue and this is one of those that is often best dealt with face to face. If you would like help in this way then scroll to the bottom of this page and contact whoever is nearest to you.

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