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The second exercise designed to help you to reduce pain.

Exercise Two

Consider the feeling in your head and notice its scope. How much of your head does it occupy? Begin slowly, very very slowly, to expand the area of the feeling though as you do so simply imagine the feeling becoming a little ‘thinner’. Continue really slowly imagining the feeling spreading through your eyes and nose and lips and tongue and mouth, though only as you imagine it getting thinner and thinner. Imagine the feeling spreading over your scalp and down the back of your neck, and inside your neck and throat, though only as the feeling gets thinner and thinner. Now imagine the feeling spreading down the surface of the front of your body, slowly, and also gently down your back, as the feeling gets thinner, and inside your body imagine the feeling expanding, flowing slowly down through your bones and organs and through the bloodstream though only at the rate as the feeling gets thinner. Continue to imagine the feeling thinning as it spreads down through your torso, slow and easy, like ink through blotting paper, or fragrance through an empty room. Down through your hips, down through your shoulders and arms, slowly, to the tips of your fingers and keep imagining the feeling getting thinner, now almost mist-like. Over the surface and inside your thighs, deep down into your legs and knees, as it gets thinner, and down to the tips of your toes and then expand the feeling outwards in all directions, in your imagination, so that it is a slowly expanding aura around you, and imagine your consciousness expanding with it, so that your awareness begins to fill the room. Gradually expand the size of the feeling as it gets thinner as you begin to imagine your consciousness filling the whole building like a globe of light expanding, comfortably, more rapidly and let the feeling become increasingly transparent. Float, in your imagination, on the surface of the globe as it expands and expands more rapidly, adding an awareness of the environment outside the building. Once again, expand until you can imagine the curvature of the earth and further out and see the planet disappearing until you are floating in the vast peacefulness of space.

And ask yourself, ‘How is my head now?, Typically the feeling will have diminished further or completely faded away. If not yet, then repeat both or either exercise again. Be patient with yourself and talk to yourself gently as and when you do so.

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