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The whole experience for me in London was just life changing, just the fact that I came to London on my own was a massive thing for me to do and I think the whole day was a turning point in my life.

Elizabeth had been feeling depressed for many years, in fact she suffered from chronic depression, anxiety and panic, had been using Valium extensively, and was particularly panicky when eating in front of other people, something she had generally totally avoided. I saw her for one 2-hour session.

‘Dear Steve

I hope you are well! A big thank you from Guernsey for helping me.  I haven’t taken Valium since and have eaten and drunk in front of everyone at work.  I have just been for lunch today with my friend Alison (valium free!), I had a very nice seafood quiche and a whole glass of sparkling water – and if that wasn’t enough I was photographed by our local paper, the Guernsey Press.  They are doing an article on the lack of Mental Health Services in Guernsey, I got in touch with them and they are very interested in my story, so they thought it was excellent idea to come along to watch Amanda and I eat our lunch!

I went to see the doctor that had recommended you to me yesterday to tell her that I had come over to see you and how I got on, she was so pleased.  I am now recommending you to anyone I know who has any sort of long-term depression/OCD’s, etc. and I know quite a few!!  The doctor wants me to come off my anti-depressants slowly but I’m hoping to be drug-free next year at some point.

You are truly a remarkable man, and the world is a better place with people like you in it.

Take care.

I will keep you posted on the Press interview and will send a copy to you, if they decide to print.


Paul was stuck in a rut of low self esteem, little motivation and of feeling depressed.

Hi Steve,

Paul Bowen here – I came to see you about 6 weeks ago. I was lacking in motivation, fairly depressed and in a financial mess… amongst other things. Just to let you know I’ve been doing the exercises you gave me consistently and they have made a real, tangible difference. I feel great at the moment – as motivated as ever (only with a ton of learning experiences behind me so I get things right this time!).

Thanks again for your help. Not quite sure what did but it’s done the trick!

Paul Bowen.

Jan came to me suffering from two traumatic events in her life, one of which was ongoing and involving the long, terminal illness of a very close relative. She was in tears and did not know how to cope. I saw her for only one session, and received the following note some time later.


Thanks so much for the session on my negativity and lack of motivation. I feel so different and positive.

Thanks again.


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