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Depression can take so many forms and people will describe themselves as being depressed, and be described by doctor’s as being depressed if they have enough symptoms. Whatever the form of depression, however it manifests, it is possible to overcome it, and here are a few testimonials from people who have done so.

Susan had suffered from severe depression. This was sent to me by her husband…

“Dear Steve

I was going to give you a ring just to say thank you for everything you have done for Susan and for us as a family but I didn’t feel that was enough. It’s really difficult to write this as I think of how far she has come since first seeing you.

I don’t know what to say but thank you.

Yours sincerely


Another letter from a ‘partner’. Becky had suffered from, in her words,  depression, anxiety, low self esteem and lack of confidence…

“Hi Steve, just a quick note to express my deep thanks for working with Becky. I have noticed a change in her. Where as she would be conscious of herself in a desperately negative way, now she is positive and constructive!!! FANTASTIC!!! She has also been coping a hell of a lot better.


Chris and Beck”

Sonya had a bunch of symptoms and she had been told she was depressed. A few sessions were sufficient to get her out of her malaise and moving forward with confidence again.

A friend of mine had been to see Steve about public speaking (and has since been confidently traveling the world giving lectures to top corporate branding teams) and had suggested him to me at a time when I felt at a particularly low ebb. I had been diagnosed with Glandular fever and for two months had been at home feeling very sorry for myself as I was only really able to drag myself out of bed to the sofa and then back again most days. I am a very ambitious, fit, hard working individual and had never experienced these symptoms before. I was determined to do anything to help myself feel energised again and tried acupuncture and reflexology, but neither seemed to help. I felt like I needed something to shift my mindset and to help break up the seemingly endless lethargy I was feeling.

After leaving my first session with Steve I felt like I had experienced one of the best hours of my life in terms of focusing on my energy and above all relaxation and stress relief. For the first time in two months I left the room with a feeling of lightness and positivity and that evening went to a concert in town, something I had been unable to do for months. I had two sessions with Steve and by the second I felt like I had really made a dramatic improvement.

I would say that I am an incredibly positive individual, but I was really stumped when the Glandular fever left me feeling so lacking in energy and drive. I know that I still had a bit of a way to go after seeing Steve, but the sessions with Steve mark a moment of change and the entire outlook of a situation that I found myself in was immediately shifted, and in such a short space of time. Quite remarkable. It was this that allowed me to get better far sooner than I would have done so otherwise.

Thanks You


Sarah had suffered from depression, low self-worth, general lack of confidence and anxiety.

Dear Steve

I came to see you a couple of times during the summer and I just really wanted to say thank you. It wasn’t an immediate or instant change that has occurred, however there has been a massive change in all the areas that had been causing me such concern.

Overall, you have allows me to be a calmer, happier, more relaxed, funny, confident and truly taller person!!

Thank you for that


Sarah G

Martin is a highly successful businessman who had become very depressed, nervous and anxious, and had lost all motivation. In addition he found himself being nervous in meetings and presentations. All was resolved over four sessions.

When I first met Steve I felt very depressed. Things that normally highly motivated me, like my family and my work, were all too much effort and I preferred to speak to no one.

After a few sessions with Steve that all changed, and I feel like I am back to the person I used to be – happy, motivated and living life to the full.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone

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