Stop Taking Cocaine Testimonial/

Stop Taking Cocaine Testimonial

Hypnotherapy and NLP to Help Stop Taking Cocaine

Richard’s coke binge episodes were getting worse and worse and much more frequent. He tried many different things over a number of years but he could not stop taking cocaine. Until he went to visit Steve Tromans

There’s a well known quote, attributed to the comedian Robin Williams, which suggests that cocaine is Gods way of letting you know that you have too much money.

As amusing as it is, the truth is that he only touches on half of the scenario, as there’s been a strong and growing cottage industry of ‘cocaine cure’ treatments running in parallel to the increase in cocaine abuse in the UK, and these so called ‘treatments’ are often more expensive than the drug itself.

I should know, as over the course of the last five years I’d exhausted pretty much every option in my attempt to stop taking cocaine.

It’d be fair to say that I wouldn’t be considered your atypical cocaine addict, mid-30’s, happily married, couple of kids, an enviable domestic life, punctuated by five star holidays, I am professionally very successful, holding down a board level director position at a leading advertising and marketing services company. However, behind the façade of domestic and professional harmony I’d been battling an insidious and destructive relationship with cocaine since my mid-20’s, and I was losing.

The pattern of my usage meant that finding the suitable solution was problematic. I wasn’t a daily user, I wasn’t even necessarily a weekly user, in fact there were many instances when I would contentedly go anywhere up to six weeks without dabbling. But then all hell would break lose, and I would binge, I would go on all-night sessions, spending hundreds of pounds on anywhere up to six grams, all of which I would stick up my nose across the period of a couple of hours. One sniff and I was in thrall to the drug and wouldn’t stop till my money had run out.

The ramifications were horrendous, domestically the shit would hit the fan. Professionally, there’d be days when I would head to work without having had any sleep. But somehow I coped, somehow I got through, albeit racked with guilt and self loathing. That was, until the next time, when the pattern would repeat itself all over again, despite my best efforts, despite my determination that last time really was the ‘last time.

My frustrations at my inability to cure myself didn’t help, at the age of 30 I gave up smoking by simple will-power alone, so why the hell couldn’t I do the same with the coke?

I turned again and again for professional help, NA was no help whatsoever, more a forum for others to express their own personalised version of hell, one-on-one counselling wanted to spend session after session regressing to my childhood and my relationship with my parents, hypnotherapy failed to hypnotise me, another counsellor, whose hourly rate made my eyes water, told me that I needed to set 3 – 4 hours aside every day to meditate! Yet another identified alcohol as the trigger and suggested that I cut it out of my life completely. Easier said than done in my industry. In total, whilst spending thousands of pounds a year on coke I was spending the equivalent, if not more, on an attempt to sort myself out, to stop taking cocaine, hence Robin Williams only being half-correct.

Finally, as the intervals between my sessions became shorter and shorter and my actual intake increased to life threatening levels, a friend mentioned that they’d taken a NLP course to address a drink problem, and furthermore that it had worked. I booked a session with Steven Tromans immediately.

And here I am, a few sessions later, content, relaxed, confident that my life has taken a turn for the better. The sessions were remarkably straightforward, and all directed towards life going forwards rather than analysing and post-rationalising the past. I feel empowered, and yet there seems like there’s been very little in the way of tangible, material change.

I’ve passed the two most daunting tests, consumption of alcohol and rejecting the opportunity to partake in a friend’s supply of coke. Historically, both paths lead to a resumption of my old behaviour.

Without wishing to be disingenuous to Steve’s practices, I feel like I’ve been re-wired, reprogrammed, old patterns of default behaviour have been consigned to the past and in their place there is a set of new, healthy, satisfying patterns which determine the outcome of my evenings. Furthermore, it’s completely natural, there is no ‘internal dilemma’, no battles with my conscience. My behaviour is now as if it’s always been that way.

I now lead my life as I wish it to be, rather than in the constant fear of relapsing, of finding myself back leading a rollercoaster life of binge and remorse, and for this I have Steven Tromans and NLP to thank.’


Richard is another example of the many people who have come to see us to stop taking cocaine. Whatever the pattern, however infrequent or however extreme, it is possible to make the changes you want to with hypnotherapy and NLP

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