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Stop Being Dizzy With Hypnotherapy & NLP - Testimonials.

I am listening to the “stress free” cd before I go to sleep at night and I feel extremely positive and focused on what I DO want.

Amanda wanted to end her dizziness…

I am an independent self employed sales manager with 3 school aged children.
My ex-husband and I bought a big house last year, just outside of our home town, with intension of a ‘fresh start’. During the year I found I was having vertigo, headaches and sickness which caused me to spend days in bed. I was also sweating and having heart palpitations when worrying about work and during heated conversations at home!
The more the year went on, the worse my health got. And the more I worried! My business suffered, our relationship suffered and home life suffered. I worried about money and our future.

In November, just after taking on more responsibility and my business went Regional, I was diagnosed with Menieres Disease.
By Christmas it looked as if we would have to sell the house and our relationship was going in opposite directions. With my job, I need to stay positive. So I accepted my illness, was taking tablets and trying to focus on starting again!
I couldn’t cope any longer though with my partners negative attitude.
I felt the only way out of this was to be positive and focus on moving forward.
I needed to remove all negativity from around me.
So in February, we separated.
My brother took an interest in my health and asked me what exactly was wrong with me!

Then he introduced me to Steve Tromans.

I went to see Steve a week after the separation. I knew what I wanted from life but I was still focusing too much on the bad stuff!
I spent 2 hours with him and I can’t really explain what happened to me!

But I walked out of that room like I was on top of the world, indestructible and overwhelmingly confident. My feet are firmly fixed to the floor now, and I haven’t had a single dizzy moment since.
The house is on the market and I’ve found a lovely house for me and the children right near my parents and we are all really excited about it.
The business is picking up too and my colleagues have noticed the difference in me over the last month.
I went back to see Steve a fortnight later and he too noticed the difference and said he would not need to see me again.
I decided to stop taking my tablets and I am perfectly well.
I don’t think now that I had Menieres Disease at all, I think I was just stressed about life and stuck in a no-win situation with my partner!

I feel as if I could achieve anything I put my mind too now, and I know I will.
I have lost nearly a stone in weight through eating healthier and drinking more water, again Steve’s influence.

I have recommended NLP to all the other sales managers in my region and they can see that I am walking, talking proof of its success.

So I’d like to thank Steve for his time and his knowledge to help me change the way I think.
“I will be well” rather than “I don’t want to be ill”.

And thank you to my brother for the introduction.

My best wishes to all who read this and I hope I will inspire you to make an appointment.
Thank you for giving me my life back.


Alison had a problem with dizziness, and also anxiety about dizziness.

She had had a viral infection about nine months earlier, at least that was what she had been told, which had affected her balance. She had been able to return to work but had constantly had bouts of feeling dizzy, and had worried about it every day…

Hi Steve

I’m pleased to report that I haven’t been dizzy once since seeing you which is surprising as I didn’t expect it to change so fast. So thanks very much indeed!