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Stammering - Stuttering Treatment Testimonials.

In terms of improvement I feel that I have made a marked improvement especially in the last few weeks and am now almost completely fluent. The breathing is starting to be unconscious for some of the time and the rest of the time I do it consciously – thanks to you of course.

Kevin suffered from a stammer his whole life…

Hi my name is Kevin, I had been stammering for as long as i can remember. I had a negative outlook on life which was caused by the stammering. I’m now 31 yrs old so i decided to do something about it so i booked an appointment with Laura. One thing I quickly learnt from Laura is that when you speak it’s all about saying what you want and saying how you feel rather than speaking perfectly and trying to avoid stammering – for me this worked so effectively because when i wasn’t thinking about the stammering my speech was so fluent the help I received from Laura helped me to realise this. Laura’s technique takes practice but you learn to play about with it and find what best works for you which I think is pretty cool. The help I’ve received from Laura is amazing and I am now starting to blossom into a more open and free person which is Lush!

Thanks Laura

From a client who learned the Spicer Method a year or so ago…

Using Laura’s technique has changed my life in many ways. I always found many situations difficult – for example giving presentations, speaking aloud in lectures, and the worst on the telephone!.

Now I actually really enjoy speaking in them. I even asked to present an argument for a debate at university, something I would have never done before. It has also allowed me to become confident when speaking on the phone – the situation I dreaded the most, and have for the first time been able to introduce myself as Becky without stammering, something I have always found very difficult. I now find my self making as many phone calls as I possibly can to keep using the technique as I am so happy that I can do it now and feel so much more confident. Its so nice not to have to think ahead while talking to change a word in case you stammer and to be able to say what you want to say when you want to say it!

Once you have learnt the technique it takes practise everyday, and you have to push your boundaries by using it in situations you find difficult, to show yourself that you can do them with the technique and that you don’t need to avoid them anymore. It has now become second nature to me and am so thankful for Laura’s help

One visit to Laura was a great step forward for Derek’s stammering problems

Dear Laura,

Just wanted you to know that, although it’s only been 7 days since  the consultation with you, I have been able to speak consistently as good as my past “best days”.

Although not fluent yet , I would not have believed that I could have improved to such an extent in such a short time.  This has, more importantly for me, given me much confidence, that this is the right way forward.

Best wishes