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I’m not sure how you did it but you changed something in me and unleashed a diva! I always thought people just had to deal with their hang-ups and get on with it even though it holds them back. But I notice I’m more confident in everyday life as well as on stage. I can’t thank you enough for helping me, you have an amazing skill.

It was Annette’s first appearance in a big West End production. Generally a confident woman, she had developed, stage fright, for her, a fear of making a fool of herself the moment the curtains went back.

Hi Steve

Just a quick note to say that the opening night went brilliantly. I wasn’t nervous and felt marvellous throughout. Thanks so much for all your help.

Best regards


Jane is a young singer, and has recently released her first album, but she suffered from that form of public speaking fear known as ‘stage fright’.

Dear Steve,

I said after my last session with you that I’d let you know how my big gig went. As you know I had been absolutely terrified at the mere thought of getting up and singing to a packed house, and I was unsure as to how your treatment would help my lack of confidence on stage. I was particularly scared of talking to the audience between songs, not a helpful hang-up for a performer!

Oh My God…It was one of the most fantastic nights of my life.. I got up on stage and completely knocked them dead. My voice sounded strong, I radiated confidence, and I even chatted away to the audience with ease, which I never ever thought I’d be able to do. My sister (also one of my biggest critics) said she had never seen me perform so well and couldn’t quite believe she was seeing the same girl she had seen perform a month ago. So all in all it was a huge success and lots of people bought a copy of my album so I was ecstatic.

Thanks again