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Overcome Your Social Phobia.

Hypnotherapy And NLP: Social Phobia.

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Without your social phobia
  • How much more fun will you have?
  • Without this social phobia
  • What will you do differently?
  • There is a cure for social phobia.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

Social phobia is fundamentally the fear of someone having ‘bad’ thoughts or feelings about you. This condition is also often described as shyness or social anxiety and can be experienced in varying degrees ranging from fear of going to parties to constant dread about being in the company of other people.

This condition can manifest itself in a huge range of ways. The following list contains some of the main problem areas

Fear of being the centre of attention

  • Afraid of being observed or criticised
  • Fear of looking silly, stupid, awkward or shy
  • Being afraid of not being able to say the appropriate thing.
  • Not being able to eat in front of other people
  • Terror of people who have perceived ‘authority’
  • Not being able to make eye contact with people
  • Being scared of writing, drinking or using a phone in front of others
  • Fear of not being as intelligent, quick witted or articulate as others
  • Being afraid that you don’t look as handsome/pretty/smart/well-dressed as others
  • Being scared of blushing/sweating/stammering
  • Worry about being introduced to people
  • Terror of being teased or being the object of ridicule

Hypnotherapy And NLP To End Social Phobia.

Because of the huge range and variation of symptoms it is impossible to say exactly what techniques, approaches and strategies we will use to help you overcome these fears.  You can be certain, though, that we won’t waste any time going over the past to find out where your problem ‘came from’. These kind of anxieties are obviously something you have ‘learned’ to do. The important thing is to be direct and to help you to restructure your thinking so that you can be in control of your imagination, rather than having your imagination in control of you…

Techniques That Will Simply Work For You

So we work with the way these patterns manifest in daily consciousness. Using NLP and hypnotherapy, we train you to be the ‘director’ of your mind, rather than just the star in endless internal ‘anxiety movies’ in your mind. Also, people with social phobia often tend to have lots of anxious internal dialogue in their mind. If you don’t know how to stop doing that, it’s a bit like listening to a piece of music that you hate, over and over and over again. We show you how to stop it, and for good

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