Shy Bladder Syndrome Help/

Shy Bladder Syndrome Help

Hypnotherapy And NLP To Cure Shy Bladder Syndrome

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Do you suffer from Paruresis?
  • Is going out difficult for you?
  • How much better will it be
  • To overcome shy bladder syndrome?
  • It is possible to cure Paruresis
  • Shy bladder syndrome help.

What is shy bladder syndrome – Paruresis?

Shy bladder, or paruresis, is a condition where a person, who may be desperate to go to the toilet, finds that they are unable to if in a public lavatory, or if people may be able to see or hear them. It is also the expression used to describe someone who has similar problems when on a moving vehicle such as a train or a plane. Sometimes it even affects people when they are at home.

Other phrases used to describe this surprisingly common condition, a condition that can affect men and women, are ‘bashful bladder’, and ‘pee-shy’. The full medical term is avoidant paruresis.

It is important that you realise that these problems are nothing for you to be embarrassed about (easy for us to say, we know). It’s not like you are having the problem deliberately.

How are you going to help my shy bladder problems?

What’s the difference between someone that suffers from shy bladder syndrome, and someone who doesn’t?

The person suffering from the condition will worry about it in advance. They will imagine the difficulty and embarrassment of wanting to go to the toilet and being unable to.

The person who doesn’t suffer from the condition doesn’t do this.

So one of the key methods to get someone to stop doing shy bladder is to train their mind to be comfortable and confident in advance, in other words to train them to be in control of their imagination, rather than being controlled by it.  This effectively stops people from unwittingly ‘programming’ themselves into continuing the problem. Some excellent approaches for this kind of work come from the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Hypnotherapy help for shy bladder syndrome

In addition, there is a large range of hypnotherapeutic techniques that work well to help you to stop your shy bladder problems for good.  We work very directly, and we don’t concern ourselves with the ‘origin’ of the problem as the origin is irrelevant. Avoidant paruresis is a habit, a habituated pattern of thinking in the mind. We work to change this habit, to get rid of it. We aim to do this quickly, and for good

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  1. Donald Sand says:

    When I looked to order a cd for shy bladder, I couldn’t find any. I saw it listed in one place, but was not available to order. Do you have a cd for shy bladder?

    • steve says:

      Sorry Donald we dont have a recording specifically for this though any of the relief from stress or ‘anxiety’ recordings might help you. With this issue you may be better off contacting someone for more direct one to one help.

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