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You Can Stop Delayed Ejaculation

Hypnotherapy & NLP: Treatment To Stop Delayed Ejaculation

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • If you simply stopped worrying,
  • About delayed ejaculation,
  • You would stop creating the problem.
  • Think about how you would be,
  • Without worry about this problem.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

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‘Just thought you would be interested to hear how I have been getting on. As I mentioned to you during my consultation….’

Our strategy for the treatment of delayed ejaculation is similar to strategies also used successfully to resolve many other problems. We have noticed that once the fear of not being able to ejaculate is dealt with then very often the problem vanishes.

For many, the problem is context related

Very often, a man is able to ejaculate more easily in certain circumstances and not in others and there is huge variation with this. Most men ejaculate easily during self masturbation, but those with delayed ejaculation may experience problems during intercourse, oral sex, or in fact during any sexual contact with their partner.

There is a big variety of statistics available on the internet as to what constitutes a normal, or average amount of time for ejaculation during intercourse, from two minutes to eight minutes. Yet for many men intercourse lasts a lot longer.

Worrying about it makes it worse…

The point though, is this. Where delayed ejaculation is a ‘problem’ the man inevitably worries that it is going to happen. That is, they imagine in advance that the problem will occur and they worry about it, running thoughts in their mind of failure, and also often thoughts of disappointing their partner. In our opinion, it is very often the case that this fear of delayed ejaculation actually maintains and continues to recreate the problem.

The Solution can be rapid and easy

When the mind is trained out of this ‘loop’ and into more resourceful and positive ways of thinking, the problem can simply disappear.

How long will the treatment be?

We expect that the treatment will, on average, consist of 2 – 3 hour long sessions, although as illustrated by the following testimonial, one can sometimes suffice.

Delayed Ejaculation Testimonial

Tim was typical of many men whose problems are described by many as impotence, or erectile dysfunction, or delayed ejaculation.


Hi Steve

Just thought you would be interested to hear how I have been getting on. As I mentioned to you during my consultation, ever since I became sexually active, about twenty years ago, I’d had a problem reaching orgasm during intercourse,

I can’t believe that after spending many embarrassing hours explaining my situation to all those doctors, none of whom made a jot of difference, all it took was an hour simply listening to you and now I’m cured. Years of misery and now everything is OK. It’s amazing!

Steve, thanks, you’ve really made a big difference in my life




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