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You Can Have More Self Motivation

More Self Motivation – Hypnotherapy & NLP Will Help You

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Would you like more self motivation?
  • To just get on with your life?
  • To make better decisions,
  • And actually carry them through?
  • You can have more self motivation
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

Increase Your Levels Of Self Motivation Easily

How different would your life be if you were easily able to feel fully self motivated to go and do the things you know are worth doing?

What if there is a way of ‘programming’ your unconscious mind so that you find yourself effortlessly drawn towards doing those worthwhile things?

What if there is a way of training your mind so that you become consciously able to go into states of self-motivation at will?

Self Motivation – Are You Moving Away…..Or Towards?

Someone once described self motivation as being similar to being on a train.  You are either looking back at where you have been, at where you are moving away from, or you are looking forward to where you are going…

Most of us have experienced ‘away from’ motivation many times.  That relationship you didn’t end until it was so horrible that you couldn’t stand it anymore, that job that you did that made you feel worse and worse until finally you simply had to change it, and so forth.

Motivation is often 2-way, you are both moving away from a situation you don’t want to be in, and also moving towards one that you do. One thing is for certain though; it’s easier to get somewhere if you look where you are going…

So What Stops You From Just Getting On With Things?

We will tell you what stops you; your feelings stop you.  And we also know what causes you to feel like ‘not doing’.  It is, quite simply, the way that you think about things. And we can train you to think differently, to be more in control of your thoughts.

There Are Times When You Are Motivated

Everyone has experienced those feelings of being drawn towards something. Here are some typical everyday examples. You are walking down the street when suddenly you see something in a shop window that you simply have to buy.  You see someone in some context that you find attractive and you feel an urgent sense of wanting to know them better. Or it could be something as simple as really looking forward to a film or a TV program.

Your mind and body has learned what it feels to be motivated, to feel ‘drawn towards’ something, we will simply train you to aim the feelings of self motivation in worthwhile ways.  Typically, when we work with someone to boost, or increase their levels of motivation we use reconditioning techniques from the fields of hypnotherapy and NLP to directly ‘map’ the feelings of desiring to do something (buy something, meet someone etc) and ‘attach’ these feelings to whatever worthwhile goals they have in mind.  These can be so varied and include, for example, starting a business, going to the gym, eating sensibly, doing your taxes, studying for exams, making more sales, career motivation, meeting someone new, and so on.

Lists Of Things You Need To Do

Many people sit down and assiduously write out a list of things they ‘need’ to do. And because they are thinking about what they ‘need’ to do rather than what they are going to do, they find themselves transferring non accomplished items onto the next days list, repeatedly, and the list gets longer day-by-day. Instead, think about what you are going to do, not what you need to do. Even this isn’t enough, there are many people constantly saying to themselves things like ‘one day I am going to start my own business’, and then they look down and see that they have just been given a retirement watch. You need to know when you are going to do the things.

This may sound like just ‘playing with words’, but training someone to be aware of these and other distinctions can have truly magical results.

Hypnotherapy And NLP – Direct Methods Get Results

So we work with the way you feel and the words you use to describe your experiences. Fundamentally, though, we work with the way you are thinking about things, because that is the source of your feelings. People experiencing a lack of self motivation typically have a style of thinking that simply doesn’t create motivated feelings.  The field of NLP contains a number of models, motivation strategies that we help you to integrate into your thinking, feeling and behaviour, strategies that work.

The reason that these strategies work is that they are simple and effective

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