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You Can Better Your Personal Relationship

Better Your Personal Relationship - NLP Can Help

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • How much do you really want
  • To improve your relationship.
  • What differences would there be
  • If you could both start being positive,
  • To reconnect with love and trust.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

Sometimes we get stuck in less than useful ways of relating to other people and often, even with the best of intentions, the relationship founders.

This isn’t relationships counseling in the traditional form. The models of NLP allow me to help you to simplify and change the ways that you think and feel about issues that may have been stopping the relationship from flourishing, and also, if appropriate, change habituated ways of behaving or responding to the other person.

Better self-understanding and practical help

When you begin to understand how your own thought processes, and/or those of your partner, may have been unwittingly contributing to, or maintaining the problem, and also when you learn HOW to think and relate to each other in more beneficial ways, remarkable and rapid progress can be made to improve your relationship.

You didn’t get together to feel bad

People don’t get together with the intention of arguing, feeling used, retreating into their shell, being impatient or losing their temper with the other person. So never mind traditional relationship counseling. Simply learn how to better reconnect with the way that you thought, felt and acted when the relationship began.

Types of relationship difficulty

There are so many ways a marriage or long-term relationship can run into difficulties. Sometimes the problems seem to be of a sexual nature, for some reason one or both partners don’t seem to be getting the ‘sexual spark’ with their partner. Sometimes it seems that a couple has drifted apart in terms of emotional intimacy or shared goals. The again it may be that either or both people seem to be spending most of their time shouting at each other, or in a sulk, or in a jealous rage, or seemingly ignoring their partner. Anything can be changed if you want it to, you relationship can get better.

How long does the therapy take?

Well, this obviously depends on a number of factors, but we aim to make a useful noticeable difference in just one or two hour-long sessions.

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