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Public Speaking Anxiety, Fear Of Public Speaking Testimonials

I was a calm and confident woman! I quickly got into my flow, my voice didn’t falter and I didn’t shake – unbelievable! It was very interesting also watching my colleagues faces who knew my issue and couldn’t quite believe their eyes!

Bronwyn suffered from high levels of anxiety about public speaking. Paul Wright saw her twice…

Hi Paul,

Really appreciated that you could fit me in yesterday morning, it  was another helpful and informative session and I can’t thank you  enough……….because (drum roll…)…… the day at work went
brilliantly!!! The meeting went off very well and I said quite a  few words of thanks to my colleagues feeling happy and confident.  And later that day when there was the big presentation and speech  giving, I just felt so confident, happy and really looking forward to it -and didn’t feel nervous at all – in fact the whole day I
felt wonderful. All day I just did what you said – enjoying the moments, imagining/feeling things going well, creating great memories for the future 🙂 I actually spoke for quite a while (without getting too emotional!) with maybe 40 people there, and at the leaving do everyone said what a lovely speech I had given. It
felt natural and I spoke from the heart, being myself :)))

Words can’t express how glad I am that I came to see you. You are a very special person to help as you do.

Thank you again for changing my life,

Warmest regards


Quite often we deal with cases like Andy, people who can and do some kind of public speaking, usually in a work context, but get terribly anxious about it and don’t perform at their best…

Hi Steve

I would like to cancel my appointment for Monday. I have now given a couple of presentations that have been much easier and more successful than any I have ever done. I’d like to thank you for all your help – it’s been fantastic. I’m going to keep doing the visualisation exercises and may arrange another appointment with you in the future but for now I am going to see how things go. I think your area of expertise is fascinating.

Thanks again

Andy F

Despite having risen to a senior position in a major company Alex had severe anxiety about speaking in public, and had NEVER given a presentation in her life. After two sessions she sent me this…

Hi Steve

I did it! Thank you doesn’t really seem to cut it here – I NEVER thought I would overcome my public speaking phobia and now I have I feel that absolutely anything is possible! It has made me generally a more positive person and increased my confidence in everything I do – I guess because I now realise that I am in control.

It’s a great feeling and I know it’s here to stay. Be assured there will be many people coming to see you having witnessed the change in me!

Thank you so much.

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