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You Can Stop Your Fear Of Mice

Hypnotherapy and NLP Cure For Fear Of Mice

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • You know they aren’t harmful
  • That doesn’t stop the fear of mice.
  • We can help, though.
  • It may seem impossible
  • But we can cure the phobia of mice
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

The Fear Of Mice

This is an example of the type of phobia that often seems ridiculous to those not suffering from it.  It is one of a class of phobias that is typically learned by a person either, as a child, being in the company of suffering from a phobic response to mice, or being surprised by the sudden unexpected movement of a mouse. The sudden movement activates the startle response, the person generates a large amount of adrenalin…..and a new phobia is born.
There is nothing funny about the fear of mice for those suffering in this way, it can be just as debilitating and horrible to experience as any other phobia.

Hypnotherapy And NLP To Cure The Phobia Of Mice For Good

Many hypnotherapist’s seek to find that initial moment when the person became suddenly scared, and then get the client to review the moment from the comfort and security of a deeply relaxed state of mind. In doing so, when done well, this can act to recondition the response and cure the phobia.
The problem lays when people either can’t remember the initial sensitising time, or even if they can, this memory does not make them feel any different about mice in the here and now.

Techniques That Simply Work For You

We favour much more direct methods of retraining your mind and will utilise whatever approaches and techniques that seem to be best suited to you. Most of what we do is very direct.  Techniques such as the NLP Fast Phobia Cure have proved themselves to be very effective at dealing with these kinds of fears. There are many other neuro-linguistic and hypnotherapeutic techniques that can be used if necessary. We will always endeavor to sort these issues out quickly and efficiently

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