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Overcome Your Fear Of Moths

Hypnotherapy And NLP Cure For Fear Of Moths

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Freedom from moth phobia.
  • How good would that feel?
  • Never to be bothered by them.
  • There is a cure for fear of moths.
  • And it is easier than you think.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

The Fear Of Moths – Hypnotherapy And NLP Will Help You

Some people think that you have to go back and find the cause of this fear. You don’t.  Being afraid of moths is a conditioned response.  True, you ‘learnt’ it when you were younger, but what has happened is that your brain has made an automated ‘pattern’ of behaviour with regard to these creatures, and now what you get is a kind of mental knee-jerk response when you see a moth, or imagine one, or both.

The Way They Look And The Way They Move

People who are terrified of these insects tend to find them disgusting and repellent to look at. Moreover, it is the seemingly almost random movement of them, and that they seem to have no sense of direction that terrifies someone with this particular phobia. Usually there is a terror that a moth will fly into them, or perhaps that one will get tangled in their hair….

How Are You Going To Cure My Phobia Of Moths?

Well, we favour the proven direct reconditioning techniques and approaches found in the fields of hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  We don’t have to talk to you about where the fear comes from, we just work quickly and effectively to neutralise the conditioned response. Typically, as with most of these so-called ‘simple’ phobias, we find that it takes just one or two sessions to resolve.

What Is The NLP Fast Phobia Cure

Well firstly it is only one of the techniques that can be used to stop you being so scared of moths. It tends to be very reliable and that’s why we use it. The method involves getting you to relax and disassociate from the fear. Then, whilst disassociated we use combinations of hypnosis and conditioning techniques to build new associations, or conditioned responses, to moths.  In practice it involves us helping you to recall times when you felt wonderful and then mapping these feelings over to thoughts of what you were scared of. Don’t worry, it won’t actually make you like moths (unless you want to, and that would be very unusual), the fast phobia cure tends to simply neutralise the fear.

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