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Overcome Your Fear Of Frogs

Hypnotherapy And NLP Cure For Fear Of Frogs

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Not being scared of frogs
  • May be difficult to imagine
  • But there is a cure for frog phobia
  • And fear of toads for that matter
  • Any phobia can be resolved.
  • NLP and hypnotherapy works.

The Fear Of Frogs

Some people think frogs are cute, some think they are ugly, most don’t care either way….and then there are those who have learned to be phobic of them. Probably when they were younger they were scared by a frog or a toad, that’s how these things always tend to begin.

Being scared of the sudden movement of a frog

Very often it is the sudden movement that is surprising or shocking, and then the person develops a fear of ‘being surprised by one’.  Actually a lot of phobias have this in common, such as the fears of snakes, spiders, birds, moths and mice.

The ugliness of frogs

In addition, those who have learned to fear frogs may well be repulsed by the sight of them, and/or the perceived sliminess, and they will almost certainly be scared when the hear one croak and be terrified of though thought of coming into physical contact with one. At its extremes this terror can prevent people from going on holidays, into the countryside, or even into the garden.

How Are You Going To Cure My Phobia Of Frogs?

Whatever techniques we use, you can be assured that we will be direct and to the point, and that there will definitely not be a frog, or a video of one, or a model of one, in any of our clinics. These kinds of phobias are conditioned responses and tend to respond quickly to such direct hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic techniques such as the NLP Fast Phobia Cure and others. This normally takes 1 – 2 hours work.

Case Notes From Therapy – Two At Once – By Steve Tromans

A few years ago I saw two young women, twin sisters who both had a fear of frogs. These kinds of fears sometimes seem to be genetic but I believe they are simply learned behaviour’s. If you, as a child, experience your mother screaming every time she sees a frog then you may well develop the phobia. This is one of the reasons that people come and see us to get rid of their phobias, they fear ‘passing them on’ to their children.

Anyway, I told these twins that I would sort their phobia out one at a time, although I had every intention of them both being cured simultaneously.  As the second one listened to me as I talked the first through the techniques her brain, naturally, followed along. By the time I had finished the NLP Fast Phobia Cure with the first twin the second one was laughing as she knew she was no longer scared either.

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  1. maya says:

    Can you please help me get over this fear of frogs. I’m scared to death by these animals and my school has 1000’S of these things crawling around. Again Please help!!!

    • steve says:

      Hi Maya

      Yes one of us may well able to help you, this is a common phobia. Please feel free to scroll to the bottom of this page and do get in touch with whoever is nearest to you. Best Wishes Steve Tromans.

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