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You Can Stop Your Fear Of Cats

Hypnotherapy and NLP Cure For Phobia Of Cats

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • What would your life be like
  • Free from the fear of cats?
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  • Without your cat phobia
  • There is a cure for fear of cats
  • Hypnosis and NLP may well help you.

A Phobia Of Cats And Kittens

This fear is yet another that is more wide ranging than most people imagine, and like all phobias when experienced to the extreme, can have dramatically limiting effects upon a person’s life.  It is, as all phobias are, basically a conditioned response inadvertently learned when younger when circumstances contrived to make the person terrified at the same time as being in the vicinity of one or more cats. It is sometimes learned when a child’s parent, themselves phobic of cats, became terrified of a cat in front of their child. Maybe a cat surprised the person by moving suddenly and unexpectedly. It doesn’t matter when or where the fear was learned, it can be just as rapidly unlearned with the use of direct neuro-linguistic and hypnotherapeutic techniques.

Problems encountered by someone with a fear of cats

Someone with the phobia of cats isn’t necessarily affected by being in the presence of a small kitten, but usually they are. People who are very afraid of these animals simply won’t visit a friend or a relative who has a cat or a kitten as a pet. It’s that simple.  The more extreme cat phobic will be worried about going outside their home on any occasion, in case they glimpse a cat, and many are shocked and horrified even when they see them on TV. Some are simply terrified by the sound of the word ‘cat’ or even seeing it written down. If you are one of these people we do apologise, but we do understand and we can almost certainly help you.

Hypnotherapy and NLP to cure cat phobia.

Some hypnotherapists go to great pains to take the client back through time to uncover and come to terms with the incident that created the phobia. Sometimes this approach works. Often, though, the client simply can’t remember the first time they were terrified of cats and kittens and often even when they can, that knowledge makes no difference.

Techniques that simply work for you

Techniques such as the NLP Fast Phobia Cure and other direct NLP and hypnotherapy reconditioning techniques, have been shown to prove effective with such problems as the phobia of cats,, time after time. That’s why we use them. Working directly to recondition the response is fast and usually easy. We expect this to take one session, in most cases. Very occasionally an additional session is needed but this is unusual, even with extreme phobic reactions.

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  1. Raghad says:

    Hi, I have fear of cats and my son insist to bring one he is 21 years old, the cat is 4months and he is very cute but i cant be alone with the cat, or if i want to cook or eat the cat should be in another room with one of my kids,I feel shame and I’ve been crying for three days my kids and my husband want the cat to stay and me too but i feel i cant, I tried to touch him it is ok if someone with me in the room and when he sees he comes towerd me and wants to sit and play…We decided to give him away but inside of me I want him to stay he is amazing. I dont know what to do… please need your advice and thank you

    • steve says:

      Hi Raghad

      The fear of cats is actually the first phobia I sorted out, something like 20 years ago. Who you go and see will depend upon your geographical location though so have a quick look at the foot of this page to check who is near to you.

      Best Wishes

      Steve Tromans (London)

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