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Overcome Your Fear Of Being Alone

Hypnotherapy And NLP: Fear Of Being Alone

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Fear of being alone
  • How much better will life be
  • Without the fear of being alone?
  • When you are at ease by yourself.
  • Beat the phobis of being alone
  • There is a cure for this anxiety.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

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‘I had been afraid of being alone for the past 20 years…’

Hypnotherapy and NLP provides rapid effective help if you are afraid of being alone. This page is devoted to those people who are afraid of being by themselves, rather than the ‘bad feelings’ of loneliness and isolation. For information about how we can help you if you suffer from ‘loneliness’ please CLICK HERE.

Where Does The Fear Of Being Alone Come From

Most children are afraid of being alone and helpless at some point and then they grow out of this fear. Perhaps your anxiety originated when you were abandoned at some point in your life, or when your parents split up, are when you became ‘lost’ in a shop. The fact of the matter is that the source of your anxiousness has nothing whatsoever to do with the ‘cure’ for these problems.

I Am Afraid Of Being Alone – How Can You Help?

Well, the answer is ‘very directly’, and, unless you have a lot of other problems such as generalised anxiety or chronic depression, very quickly, too.
Being scared to be by yourself is a conditioned pattern of thinking, a bit like watching a movie in your mind that you don’t know how to stop watching. The techniques of NLP and hypnotherapy (at least, the ones we use), effectively train you to be the director of your internal ‘movies’.

Fear Of Being Alone – Testimonial

Nina is a very successful young career woman and mother and had been afraid to be by herself for as long as she could remember.

‘I had been afraid of being alone for the past 20 years. This debilitating fear meant I could not be on a particular floor of the house on my own, my husband could not travel for work overnight, and I could not walk in empty hallways or sit near windows in the dark and so on.  In one session, Steve managed to completely remove this fear from my system. Phenomenally, 4 days later I spent the whole weekend alone in my house and felt absolutely great.’


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