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Anxiety Treatment Testimonials

Anxiety Attacks Treatment Testimonials

Steve (her husband) said the biggest present for him was having the old me back.


Thank you so much. Never stop doing what you’re doing

Lisa had severe anxiety attacks around even small crowds of people, and had had them for several years to the point where she was virtually housebound. She had three treatments.


I cannot begin to thank you, you’ve given me my life back. Having reached the point where I was almost unable to go out & had convinced myself that I had finally gone mad, after just four sessions I cannot believe how I feel today.

After leaving your office my husband convinced me to give John Lewis a try and I was mortified to find it shut! We headed for House of Fraser and I was like a kid in a sweetshop, first the handbags, then the perfume, a trip upstairs and I was nearly orgasmic when I reached the Stationary! I was dragged from House of Fraser £250.00 lighter!.

Best Wishes

Lisa V

Dan had suffered from anxiety attacks in similar contexts.

Dear Steve

I think I saw you as long ago as Tuesday of last week. I haven’t written before now as I was still testing the waters and did not want to tempt fate when I started feeling a little better!

I struggled a little for a few days afterward, even when trying to adopt a couple of the techniques that you advised me but things began to improve and this week has felt a whole lot different. It’s really just been a case of getting on with things and after time it has become more and more natural and less effort. I guess my brain is reconditioning itself after those nasty demons!

Even if I have struggled with the techniques, talking with you has been a great help. Therefore, and please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not sure if I will be needing to see you again but with the risk of sounding negative I won’t throw away your detail’s just yet!

Best Regards

Dan L

and, several months later…

Hello Steve

I’m glad to report that I haven’t had any panic attacks since I saw you. It was just a case of reconditioning my mind and learning I was stressing over trivial matters that I didn’t realise I was stressing over. I do still get the odd demon but nothing that escalates into anything I can’t control.

Thanks again

Dan L

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