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I will definitely use your services again – well I hope not but I suppose you know what I mean

Milly suffered from panic and anxiety attacks

Hi Steve,

Quite bizarre – the first time I emailed you was when I was about to go off to Bruges requesting your services. Today is a “thank you ” note and tomorrow I am off to Ghent for a couple of days…

Sorry it has been a couple of weeks before I have had the chance to get back to you. Your sessions has taught me a lot about myself first and foremost 3/4 of the my inner self talk that goes round and round in my mind is a load of bollocks and that there is nothing to fear or worry about.

I enjoy “shrinking” my thoughts down and “making fun” of my own inner voice. Duncan’s recordings as you say are by far the best recordings of the type on the market – so i am binning all my (name of other hypnotherapist removed) tapes.

Kind regards,


Ginny had panic and anxiety attacks when she felt trapped (tube/train/plane/lift/traffic jam etc). Once again, NLP and hypnotherapy were able to provide the cure.

Hi Steve

I came to see you about a year and a half ago for panic attacks (esp. in the tube). I was so impressed by what you did, I thought it was an amazing profession to be in – to have the ability to free people from such life destroying issues.

With kindest regards

Ginny G

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