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OCD Treatments Testimonials Hypnotherapy and NLP

So great strides have been made and I’m having the time of my life, in no small amount to you for allowing me to find the right tools to sort myself out – so thank you.

Neil was given treatments for obsessive sexual thoughts that had been troubling him for a very long time. Nine months later wrote this…


Not sure if you remember me, but I came to see you last Jan / Feb with a few ‘issues’! We last spoke in May just before I jetted off to the far east. And what a trip it turned out to be.

Cutting a long story short, I left my job of 12 years following my Far East experience, as a result of the learnings and experiences I had out there. I have started my own business working on the recruitment, retention and development of staff in agricultural industries amongst others things. I also got engaged in the summer to my girlfriend of 12 months and we get married on 11th December, scary stuff!!!

Then, one of the major changes is that I’m a Practitioner of NLP! I attended the most wonderful 8 day course to learn and experience NLP from the drivers seat rather than the passenger – what an experience that was. I am now making plans to convert my new found knowledge into courses which I will sell into the agricultural industry – sales, motivational and recruitment to start with. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Hope all is well in Harley Street.

Best wishes


Sharon suffered from ‘contamination’ OCD. She was able to leave the house but would cover her body and hands as completely as possible. Her particular fears were around blood, dogs and long hair.

‘Hi Steve

Thanks you for all your help in getting me to stop being OCD. After most sessions I noticed improvement and now it’s such a relief to be able to go out without wearing gloves, especially in the warm weather!

Kind Regards