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Night Eating Syndrome Help

Night eating syndrome

Hypnotherapy and NLP to Help You Stop Night Eating Syndrome

Hypnotherapy can help you

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  • When your eating returns to normal?
  • Eating well during the day…
  • And sleeping through the night
  • Night eating syndrome help
  • May come from hypnosis and NLP


‘Just want to thank you for helping me. When I came to you I had real concerns over my inability to control my anger…’

The psychological community seems to love to come up with new names for problems. Night eating syndrome this is one of the most recent.

Those of us who work in the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are less concerned with naming a pattern of behaviour than we are with helping to direct the person’s thoughts, feelings and actions in more useful and appropriate ways. We apply the same overall strategies to all types of disorderly eating, such as anorexia, bulimia, comfort eating, binge eating, overeating, and weight control.

What is night eating syndrome?

Currently someone is classified (by some doctors) as having this problem if they consume more than half of their calories after their evening meal and they get out of bed at least once a night to have snacks. These snacks are usually carbohydrate based. They have to have been doing this for a period of at least three months to be diagnosed as having Night Eating Syndrome (NES).

Eating problems at night – the NLP approach

This page is aimed at much larger range of problems with eating at night than the above narrow definition allows. If you are eating inappropriately, whatever time of day it is, your thinking can be retrained so that you can comfortably and easily re-adjust what you are doing. There is a truly vast range of poor behaviour’s around eating after bedtime, from those who comfort eat lots of sugary food before bed, to those who feel irresistible drawn to the fridge for a snack in the early hours of the morning. NLP and hypnotherapy may help you overcome any and all of them.

Stress, anxiety and eating at night

Everyone we have seen with this kind of problem has been stressed and anxious about it. They are often anxious about other things in their life too. We also work to help you to reduce the levels of stress in your life, to help you to feel less anxious, to help you to feel more positive in your outlook.

Night eating syndrome. Direct retraining for your mind

The reasons why you eat too much at night can be many and varied.  Whatever the original cause, or causes, those suffering with this kind of problem have inadvertently automated the behaviour. In other words, it’s become a habit, a pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaviour that has become stuck in a ‘loop’. This can be a bit like watching a TV program you can’t stand but you find yourself watching it again and again anyway.  We work to make you the director of your internal programs and we use a large range of direct reconditioning techniques, drawn from the fields of NLP and hypnotherapy to do so. Because we are more interested in what you are doing, and the way you are doing it, than trying to work out ‘why’ you do it, the work can be quite rapid.

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