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Overcome Phobia Or Fear Of Needles

Hypnotherapy And NLP: Phobia Or Fear Of Needles

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Freedom from needle phobia,
  • Will make you feel wonderful.
  • Have necessary jabs with ease,
  • Without the fear of needles
  • There is a cure for needle phobia.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

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‘John had a bad case of needle phobia…’

Fear Of Needles

The phobia of needles is one of those fears that makes sense to someone not suffering from it. After all, who wants to be stabbed by a sharp pointy piece of metal?  It is usually one of those terrors that starts when the person, as a child, is injected by a doctor or nurse, although it can manifest later in life.  It’s quite OK to be reticent about needles, but as an overwhelming fear it can be dangerous, or even life-threatening not to be immunised, or not to be given such drugs as penicillin in a medical emergency. We have even had to deal with people who had been recently diagnosed with diabetes, and simply HAD to overcome their problem to stay healthy, and alive…

Hypnotherapy And NLP To End Needle Phobia

The fear of needles is, quite simply, a conditioned response. See needle – feel pain – get scared. The problem responds extremely quickly to those NLP and hypnotherapeutic techniques that involve rapid reconditioning, such as the NLP Fast Phobia Cure, and others. By using these techniques it becomes ‘see needle – feel sharp sensation (or sometimes feel nothing) – feel neutral about it’.

Approaches That Simply Work

Whether you desire to overcome your phobia because of health reasons, because of fear of ‘passing’ the phobia to your child, or simply to get immunised before going on holiday to an exotic destination, the powerful combination of NLP and hypnotherapy is extremely likely to resolve the issue in just one session.

Needle Phobia Treatment Testimonial

John had a powerful needle phobia…

‘Hi Steve – just wanted to say thanks for the session you did for me last week, it was fantastic. Had a blood test today which would have been unthinkable a couple of weeks ago.

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2 Responses

  1. Anthony Gayheart says:

    Hello I have a major phobia of needles and I mean major,everytime I go to get a shot or have blood drawn I have a horrible panic attack and nearly passout and can’t receive the shot or blood test,and I am trying to find someway to over come this horrible fear and I’m asking for help anyway possible.

    • steve says:

      Hi Anthony

      Needle phobia is usually quite routine to resolve. Please scroll to the foot of this page and get in touch with whichever of us is closest to you. It ma also be possible to get help for this via Skype.

      Best Wishes

      Steve Tromans

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