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Just writing to say thanks for helping me to help myself to get a great job in all but two days of our last meeting and teaching me a great trick (the ‘soften’ one) for relaxing the facial muscles so that I no longer look like I’m about to kill someone when I’m in a perfectly good mood!

Andrea sought treatment after cancelling a number of job interviews at the last minute. She prepared well for each interview but could not overcome her fear before going into meetings. Andrea felt that the problem was holding her back from advancing in her career in care work, despite having natural ability in that direction.

Dear Debbie

Thank you for helping me overcome my nerves about interviews. It really did make a difference. I had a mock interview last week and it went really really well.


Prospective London cabbies go through an extremely gruelling series of interviews before they get their license. Gerry is an example of someone who knew his stuff, but suffered interview anxiety to the point where he would always freeze during the ‘appearance’ (cabbie-speak for interview)

Hi Steve

I was a bundle of nerves before I saw you on Monday but felt brilliant after. I had the appearance yesterday and not only did I score (pass) but I also got the highest mark I have ever got! Thanks for everything.


Gerry subsequently became a fully licensed London taxi driver in September 2005.

David had an important interview to attend in The States and was in a state of high anxiety

As promised I’m emailing to let you know how I got on in San Francisco. The interview went really really well. It’s the most confident I’ve ever been in that situation and at times there were four people interviewing me.

Thanks Steve


Jo Ann’s tension and anxiety about interview situations took three sessions to resolve

Hi Steve

I was a tad worried that I wasn’t going to get my money’s worth after the first two sessions and was about to cancel the third except that I couldn’t find your phone number! Anyway, I’m glad that I didn’t because I noticed a definite change in my way of thinking after the third.

Best Regards