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How to get a recording to play on iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones and iPods.

Method 1 – Import Into iTunes

(Preferred Method)

1. Download the file to your computer.
Click on the link either on the final ‘order successful’ page or in the receipt email you get after you complete the purchase. On a Mac the file will start to download to your computers ‘downloads’ folder on a PC, depending on your operating system, you may need to select a directory to download the file too.

2. Decompress the zipped file (step not necessary for files with a ‘.mp3’).
Once the file has completed downloading, locate it on your PC and, If the file has a ‘.zip’ extension then double click it to decompress the file. If the file has an ‘.mp3’ extension then it is not necessary to decompress it.

3. Import into iTunes
Open iTunes, select ‘File’ → ‘Add to Library’, a file selection box will open, navigate to the location on your computer where you downloaded or decompressed the file too. Select the MP3 file(s) that you wish to import to iTunes and click ‘Open’.

4. Sync your device.
Connect your iOS device to iTunes in the normal manner, for some people this will be a direct wired connection and for others, using later versions of iTunes, this may be via a wireless connection.
Once connected, select your device from the ‘DEVICE’ list on the left of the iTunes window.
When the device control panel opens up, select ‘Music’ from the menu at the top of the control panel.
When the ‘Music’ panel opens, make sure the large ‘Sync Music’ checkbox towards the top left of the page is ticked, select either ‘Entire Music Library’ or ‘Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres’ options. If you select the second option then find the recordings from one of the lists shown on the page, usually in the albums list and ensure they are ‘ticked’ along with any other albums you wish to play on your device.

Click the ‘Apply’ button towards the bottom right of the page to sync device and copy your recordings directly to your device.

When the Sync completes, the recording will be available to play within the device’s music player as any other recording and can be added to playlists etc.

Method 2 – Use a third party file management app.

(For those without access to a desktop computer)

1. Install a file download app
Visit the app store on your device and find a file downloader app, ‘Downloads – Downloader & Download Manager’ by Hian Zin Jong is a very good app and works with our files.

2. Download the file to your computer.
Touch the link either on the final ‘order successful’ page or in the receipt email you get after you complete the purchase. Your default browser will open, usually Safari and you will shortly be given the option of opening the link in ‘Downloader’, select this option.
The file will download and will be decompressed, you will be able to play the tracks through the downloader app.

3. Not available in iTunes
If you use this method then the file will not be available to play in your iTunes either on your device or on your computer. The recording will not be synced and will not be backed to your computer unless you use a third party app to backup your files.