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Hello, I am Steve Tromans. I am a hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer and I have seen about ten thousand clients over the last 16 years. I run www.justbewell.com and also this blog. Here you will find a whole host of articles written by professionals from around the world. If it has anything to do with how hypnosis or neuro-linguistic programming can help people, then we are interested. In fact many of us are interested in a wide range of personal development and healing issues. Hopefully you will find articles and ideas here that interest you too.

Articles and observations from the worldwide JustBeWell network

JustBeWell.com is a network of hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners from around the world. Many are Trainers and Master Trainers of NLP and we all share the same values. Do what works for the client, as quickly and easily and thoroughly and effectively as possible.

The power of NLP and Hypnosis to help people

Personally, even after all these years, I am still fascinated and intrigued by the power of the techniques from the fields of NLP and hypnosis, or hypnotherapy. I have seen so many people get better from so many problems and issues, both psychological and physical. People seem to have an amazing inbuilt ability to heal, it’s just that sometimes they seem to need help to initiate change and healing, and I guess that’s where we, and people like us, come in. We all need help from time to time, whoever we are, and it is a privilege and a delight to be able to provide such help for others.

Do feel free to add comments and ask questions

This blog isn’t simply for hypnosis and NLP professionals to share ideas, discoveries and techniques. This is also for anyone interested in personal development, healing, and learning. So do feel free to ask any questions you like, we are happy to do our best to respond to you as best we can.

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  1. Susan Benjamin

    I am currently studying NLP with a master practitioner in MD, United States. I love your website, but can’t find MP3 pricing in USD. Would it be possible to update your webstore with USD pricing using PayPal or credit cards?

    Susan Benjamin

    1. Steve Tromans

      Hi Susan, thanks for your kind words. The exchange rate constantly fluctuates and todays rate can be found on this site http://coinmill.com/GBP_USD.html
      This will give you a really close estimate of what it will cost you

      Paypal automatically does the currency conversion

      Alternatively we have a hypnosis recordings shop in the USA – http://www.selfhelprecordings.com – most of the products are on both sites and the prices are in dollars on that site. Hope this helps and hope you enjoy studying Neuro Linguistic Programming as much as I always have (and continue to do so).

  2. Kathy

    Hi Steve
    I so agree with your comments too, we are starting to figure out the places where we are able to share resources. The new NLP Medical Practitioner will make huge inroads to the medical teams in due course. It all takes time. The double blind studies and the need for proof and developmental stages of testing are as lengthy as seeing a therapist for years, and I’m sure that’s frustrating for them to. WE are a society that wants things done NOW and waiting to be sure, be safe, be confident…after a while you forget what the problem really was in the first place. Maybe that has merit too. Kathy Welter-Nichols, JBW Team Canada

    1. Steve Tromans

      Yes, things will get better and hopefully this blog will be another step in the right direction, there are already a number of interesting posts even after just a few days.

  3. Dr. Joseph Vanore

    I’m so compassionate and irrate at the other healing arts. The most popular have to follow diagnostic and statisical guides that take an eternity to get results, if any. Some are even missing the concept of Well Formed Outcome. Or any other sane model at all. Bless NLP, DHE, and Hypnotherapy, solutions can be created spontaneously on the spot with the synergy we have with those we come in contact with and our immense collection of interventions. We have unlimited possibility and freedom. I cringe when I hear standarization … look how well that worked in the non parochial schools education system. They can’t get 12% to pass entrance exams on the first try.

    1. Steve Tromans

      Thanks for your comment Joseph and I do understand where you are coming from. These days though I do tend to be more forgiving. Most people are doing their best from within their own learning and i think the best we can do is focus on the positive and talk about and promote what we know to be effective. We do so totally have unlimited possibilities. Hopefully this new blog will build into a really good resource for those interested in how effective NLP/DHE/Hypnosis can be, and also for the general public who just want to resolve a personal issue.


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