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  • How would you like childbirth
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  • There is a way it can be
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  • Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method

“Demand the original… Expect the best”

In HypnoBirthing® Original Mongan Method, Mickey Mongan shows us how we can as parents and practitioners, “take our birthing world by Calm”. During the five classes over the last few months of the pregnancy we introduce the birthing mother to the ancient practice of labouring in a state of peace and calm, the mother gently breaths her baby down and into the world! Yes, her eyes are closed and she is fully able to breathe and maintain her deeply relaxed state allowing her birthing muscles to receive all the oxygenated blood they need to do the wonderful job they were designed to do! Yes mother can open her eyes, speak with anyone and then take herself back down deep into her inner place of quiet quickly and effectively as needed to support the “surges”. All the language patterns in HypnoBirthing also assist in re-writing the fear and tension “packets” that currently drive the Medical Model. Our mothers can eat real food! Because there is no fear of her reacting with drugs! The father is right there beside her given all the tools and techniques he needs to help her remain in that calm and peaceful state.

In this way they maintain the calm peaceful unity as the labour progresses at remarkable rates. A normal uninterfeared with HB birth will run from 5-7 hours. The mother and infant are united in calm peaceful awareness. Babies eyes are open and searching for the face that goes with the voice it has been listening to for 9 months! We believe babies are very aware in the womb and we endeavor to create a strong bond between the parents and baby long before the birthing day!

Key Points for HypnoBirthing® Original Mongan Method:


  • –  Our bodies do work! Having a baby is not the medical emergency we are told it is.
  • –  Find out what they aren’t telling you about the medical interventions that may harm your child.
  • –  Learn Relaxation Techniques to Eliminate Fear, Tension, and Pain.
  • –  Achieve birth fulfillment – awake and alert – in a totally relaxed state of mind and body.
  • –  We believe that every woman has within her the power to call upon her natural instincts to    bring about the best possible birth for her baby and herself!!

MD Testimonies about HypnoBirthing® Original Mongan Method:

If the response of the Physician is “show me evidence that this works…..”
They are using an old method of telling you they have no interest in what you have to say.
You do not change behavior by educating. That is only part of the process of change. Beliefs need to change.
Physicians and nurse practitioners truly believe that they have patient’s best interests at heart. They believe that their knowledge is superior to your knowledge, and you have nothing to teach them. That is the belief that you are up against.
How do you change it? RAPPORT! Lorne C. Campbell Sr. MD

About Kathy:

Kathy Welter-Nichols is a HypnoBirthing® Certified Childcare Educator and Clinical HypnoTherapist, NLP Practitioner and DHE Specialist. She practices in Vancouver, B.C. Canada offering classes weekly 604-421-1722 welterk@shaw.ca

“Kathy is a wonderfully wise practitioner.” Marie Mongan

Mothers that have birthed with HypnoBirthing® Original Mongan Method share their stories willingly in an effort to encourage their sisters to embrace a calmer more peaceful birthing experience.

Thanks again for everything!  Writing this made me realize yet again just how much you contributed!  Ruth

Kathy stuck with us and as the birth approached.  Much to my relief, she volunteered to be part of the birth. Kathy was there talking to me and comforting me with gentle touch massage.  Kathy, again well beyond the call of duty, sat in the back seat of the car with me, en route to the hospital.  Kathy was able to keep me in a relaxed state by suggesting that I was still in the water.  I believe the hypnobirthing helped accelerate the labour so that dilation from 2 cm to complete took only a few short hours during which I was unaware of time passing or of the surges increasing in intensity.  I also believe that it contributed to my ability to have a completely natural childbirth without tearing.  Finally and most importantly, Marisa is a true “hypnobirthing baby”, bright and alert, calm, and advanced in developmental milestones.

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