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Help For Hypertension

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Hypnotherapy And NLP Help For Hypertension

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • If you suffer from hypertension
  • Make sure you get medical help
  • However, this is linked to anxiety
  • And can respond well to hypnosis
  • Bring your body into more balance
  • Hypnosis and NLP may well help you.

Help for hypertension. Hypnotherapy and NLP to help you to control your blood pressure

The first thing to say is that this work in NO WAY is meant to replace conventional medical treatment. It is vital that you seek medical help for hypertension. Hypertension can be alleviated in a number of ways. As just said, the first step is always to get medical and dietary advice and to review your intake of alcohol, nicotine etc, which, by this point, you have probably already done.

It is widely believed that anxiety and stress are major contributing factors with hypertension.

Even when the person is not exhibiting signs or having feelings of anxiety and stress, the ability to regularly relax deeply and easily, even for short amounts at a time, has been shown to have beneficial effects over time, though this approach involves much more than simple relaxation.

By using this approach together with hypnosis to specifically target the physiological effects of hypertension, our aim is to help you to reduce your blood pressure to ‘normal’ levels as quickly as possible.

Help for hypertension. White coat hypertension

A very common version of hypertension is ‘white coat hypertension’, where the person’s blood pressure is completely OK until they actually have their blood pressure taken by a doctor or nurse. Then, factors like fear of the blood pressure test, and fear that the blood pressure test will be high, actually bring the problem on.

Typically, a person with this problem will worry about it in advance.

Simply training the person to deal with their imagination (the worry) and control it (rather than it controlling them!) can often sort the problem out.

A wide range of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to solve the problem

Combined with neuro-linguistic techniques to train the mind to take control, we also use the full range of hypnotherapy techniques from indirect metaphor through to direct hypnotic commands, to repattern the problem at all levels. Difficult to imagine though it may be (at the moment) it is possible to learn to enjoy getting your blood pressure taken, though getting someone to feel neutral about it is the main aim.

How long does the treatment take?

This really does vary from client to client. By utilising this combination of NLP and hypnotherapy the average number of sessions to reduce hypertension is two or three. We are not always effective and do not guarantee results, but we just may be able to help you so do get in touch

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