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Overcome Stage Fright

Hypnotherapy And NLP: To Stop Stage Fright

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • How much better will you perform,
  • When you overcome stage fright?
  • When you can perform without fear
  • Anytime, any place, anywhere.
  • There is a cure for stage fright.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

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‘As you know I had been absolutely terrified at the mere thought of getting up and singing to a packed house….’

Training to stop you worrying about stage fright in advance

We have given help to many people to allow them to overcome stage fright, from household name actors and actresses, stars of west end musicals and opera singers to students who simply wanted to play their guitar in a pub without fear.

Dealing with specific or general fears

Often, these ‘stage fright’ fears are quite specific, such as, for example, when a vocalist becomes overly concerned that they will not hit the high notes or when an actor begins to worry that he may not remember his lines (even though he has said them many times).

The techniques used to help you to end stage fight, and empower you to go into that state of flow when you are absolutely at your best are quite similar to those used to help to stop someone being afraid of public speaking. Click on the following link for an outline of some of the approaches used… Fear Of Public Speaking

‘Training’ rather than ‘therapy’

It is worth emphasising that this work is more like ‘training’ than ‘therapy’. Stage fright occurs when the person’s imagination is a little out of control, and thoughts that they don’t want to think seem to automatically come to mind. When these automated patterns of thinking occur in the neurology the person sometimes feels it is as if they are watching a horror film in their mind and they can’t get out of the cinema!

The ’cause’ of the stage fright is totally irrelevant in terms of resolving the fear, unless it is the case that the person is continually thinking of a specific event when things went wrong.

How long is it going to take to cure my stage fright?

By using this combination of hypnotherapy and NLP It is normal for stage fright to be resolved in two to three one-hour session

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