Stop feeling dizzy/

Stop feeling dizzy

Stop feeling dizzy

Hypnotherapy And NLP To Help Stop Dizziness

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • If you are suffering from dizziness
  • Everything in life is more difficult
  • How much better will you feel
  • When you care calm and centred?
  • You can stop feeling dizzy.
  • Hypnosis and NLP may well help you

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‘I’m pleased to report that I haven’t been dizzy once since
seeing you’

Stop feeling dizzy. What causes my dizziness?

There can be many causes of dizziness, also referred to as giddiness. Before you make a decision to come to us for help to stop feeling dizzy, please ensure that you have already sought medical advice for from your GP or neurologist. Often the cause of the dizziness, or vertigo is unknown, or is attributed to a virus, or an inner-ear infection, such as labyrinthitis.

Dizziness as a symptom of stress or anxiety

Sometimes dizziness can be a physiological symptom of anxiety or panic, other obvious symptoms being sweaty palms, tightness of chest etc.

Stop feeling dizzy. Being anxious about dizziness

There is one thing that all of the people we have given treatment for dizziness through the years have had in common. They were all anxious about being dizzy, and usually worried that they may be dizzy at inappropriate times.

Let me illustrate this by example. Several years ago an orthopaedic surgeon came to see me (Steve Tromans). His problem was dizziness, vertigo and swaying (not a good thing for a surgeon). He had been able to control the sensations whilst in theatre but was increasingly worried that he may not be able to for much longer as the symptoms had been getting worse. He had trailed up and down Harley Street for the previous four years and had seen a number of neurologists. He had a number of ideas about the cause of the problem, none of which had helped him.

The more he thought about it, the worse the problem became

As he sat opposite me, swaying slightly, I asked him if it was one of those problems that increased the more he thought about it. He immediately started swaying more.

So the treatment was simply to use NLP and hypnosis to direct his mind elsewhere, to get his mind out of the automated pattern of worrying about the swaying and into a pattern of just feeling calm, centered and relaxed. In all I saw him three times. After the first session the swaying decreased by about 70%, he said, after the second it had completely gone. He came back a third time so that I could help him get rid of the symptoms of IBS. That worked too.

Stop feeling dizzy. How long will it take to treat my dizziness?

By using this combination of hypnotherapy and NLP for the help with dizziness, the average number of sessions is 2 – 3. Obviously this varies from person to person. We will only see you for this issue if you have already sought conventional medical advice. Please do feel free to call one of us for a chat about your particular situation.

Please feel free to make comments and or ask questions.

2 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    I have been suffering from dizziness due to anxiety. I have been to the doctor and nothing is wrong. The only thing I have is high blood pressure but I have been taking the same medication since 2009. I know that I have anxiety and stress. I am going to purchase the CD, but how can I find out about the techniques that go with it?

    • steve says:

      Hi Dee

      I am not sure which recording you are referring to but any of the stress relief/anxiety recordings may be of help, they all have a variety of techniques to help you feel calmer and more balanced. I would also recommend going on Youtube and finding some really good simple abdominal breathing exercises, they can really help. All of these things need to be done regularly to have any effect. Through the years I have personally seen a great many people to help them to stop being dizzy and have trained people to be more physically centred, to calm the inner voice and to stop ‘anticipating’ dizziness, to stop worrying about dizziness. Each client is an individual so it isnt easy to give specific advice here as there can be so many factors, diet/lifestyle etc etc. I am sure you can learn to be calm and centred again though. Best Wishes. Steve Tromans: London

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