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Pain Control Help – Hypnotherapy And NLP

pain control help

Hypnotherapy And NLP For Pain Control And Pain Management

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Chronic pain can be ghastly
  • And if in pain, get medical help
  • Sometimes hypnosis can control pain
  • So, get checked medically first
  • Then see of hypnosis can help you.

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‘Not only did the migraine I had during the session disappear completely…’

Pain control help, including migraine headache relief, is one of the well-known benefits of hypnosis.

Before you see us for pain control help we always insist that you have been checked by a medical doctor – for chronic or persistent pain, preferably a neurologist.

If hypnosis is an acceptable treatment according to your doctor then we are happy to treat you. The most common ‘pain’ we get to help people control/eliminate is Migraines and although there is no guarantee (for insurance purposes), we have sometimes been able to eliminate persistent Migraine headaches in just one session.

We have also had success in either eliminating or substantially reducing pain or irritation elsewhere in the body.

What we will say is that we can often produce a positive effect in helping you with pain control, or pain relief quickly.

Pain control help. The function of pain

Pain exists to warn you that something is wrong, that something needs your attention. It is designed to help you not to injure yourself, or injure yourself further, or to alert you that some function of the body is not OK. So we aren’t about to try to hypnotically eliminate all pain, even of we could.

Chronic pain

Chronic, ongoing pain, however, sometimes seems to persist beyond its original function. We have a had a number of wonderful successes with the most severe and chronic pain (click the link below for a detailed example from the article by Steve Tromans).

Hypnotherapy And NLP

There are some fabulous exercises that can alleviate and sometimes totally eliminate pain. When these are used in conjunction with hypnosis and the programming techniques of NLP, the results often amaze our clients. Getting rid of someone’s physical pain is also very rewarding for us, too. .

‘Pain – Migraine’ Testimonial

Carol had suffered for debilitating migraines for years, the lock yourself in a darkened room kind …

“Dear Steve

Thank you so much for seeing me earlier this year. Not only did the migraine I had during the session disappear completely but also I have not had one since.

Thanks again

Carol J”

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