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Help With Concentration And Memory

Hypnotherapy And NLP Can Help You Improve Concentration and Memory

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Would you like better concentration?
  • Do you want enhanced focus
  • If you could really concentrate more
  • How much better would you perform?
  • There is a way to better concentration.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

Better Concentration

We use the word concentration to denote a state of mind of body where we are able to remain alert and focused upon something. These clear, focused states of being have a ‘structure’ and the good news is that one can usually learn to bring these ‘structures’ into consciousness to access these states of concentration easily.

Concentration can be learned

This is achieved by a combination of literally working with the thought processes that bring about and maintain states of concentration without effort, and by ‘reconditioning’ whilst in a state of light relaxation. This involves examining how we are using our visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses, that is, how we see things, talk to ourselves and subsequently feel.

It is easy to do

These processes of learning more about our states of consciousness and how to manipulate them to enter into more desirable states of being, such as concentration, are usually straightforward and entertaining for the client, almost as if an ‘owner’s manual’ for the brain is being opened for the first time.

How long will it take for you to help me improve my concentration?

We suggest that you allow for 2 – 3 hour-long sessions for this.

Better Memory

That is, there are states of consciousness when you find it easy to remember things, and there are states of consciousness when it seems almost impossible to remember anything. Any kind of ‘anxiety’ state tends to mess with memory, both short term and long term memory. For example, if you are nervous when introduced to a group of people it is quite likely that their names will go straight over your head.

What Will You Do To Improve My Memory?

Memory is state dependent. Well usually the first thing to do is to train your body and mind to be more relaxed, alert and attentive.  Also very often it is possible to improve your ability to remember well (and think in general) by making adjustments in your posture,  Moreover, there are specific ‘tricks’ of the mind that you can easily learn that often work like magic.

For example, many years ago, I (Steve Tromans) was helping out at a big hypnosis seminar. Halfway through the course one of the delegates cam up to me and told me that all he really wanted from the course was the ability to remember names. Apparently his job involved meeting a lot of new people and he had developed a reputation as someone with a head like a sieve

I had heard of a particular technique for remembering names although I had never tried it out personally so here was an opportunity to test it.

There were about 400 people in the room, all doing NLP practice exercises. I told the delegate what to do and we walked around the room. Because it was a seminar everyone had a name badge so we strolled around the room, looked at one badge after another, and he did the technique in his mind.  After five minutes of this we looked up at the hundreds of meandering people and he said he wasn’t sure he would be able to remember any of the names at all.  But as we picked our way back through the throng he absolutely amazed himself (and me) by remembering name after name after name.  The spooky part was that he was remembering the names of people even when their back was turned to him (so he couldn’t even glimpse their name badge). He didn’t get one wrong and was quite staggered by his achievement. So, to be honest, was I!

The combination of techniques like this and hypnosis and NLP tend to be very effective in enhancing memory

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