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You Can Give Up Smoking

Hypnotherapy and NLP to Help You To Give Up Smoking

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • You know you want to give up smoking.
  • That is why you are reading this.
  • You have probably tried to many times.
  • How wonderful will you feel,
  • When the addiction to smoking is over?
  • Let hypnotherapy and NLP be your cure

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‘I gave up smoking in the first session, and have not craved once since!’

Give Up Smoking Now With Help From Hypnotherapy And NLP

The freedom and sense of well-being that you will experience when you give up smoking now, and for good, is beyond measure. The health risks for smokers, and relative benefits for non-smokers are well documented so need no further comment here.

Make this the time when you finally stop smoking for good

By the time you have reached this point in your life you have probably tried many times to give up smoking. You have tried willpower to stop smoking: some do succeed in stopping smoking with willpower alone, however, now there is an alternative… Hypnosis utilizes the vast power of your unconscious resources to help you to terminate unwanted habits, and one of it’s most publicised is its ability to get people to give up smoking cigarettes, cigars etc.

How long will the treatment take?

In order that we are able to thoroughly employ a full range of techniques, we suggest that you allow for three sessions, although on many occasions we have helped people to give up smoking in just one session.

‘Giving Up Smoking’ Testimonial

Alison came to see me to give up smoking and was amazed at how easily she was able to stop. Many people are.

I gave up smoking in the first session, and have not craved once since!

Alison T

Please note that this is not everyone’s experience. Some do find they still crave cigarettes for a while and now have techniques to manage their thinking and feeling at those times.

Matthew was a 37 year old man worker from England who came to Adam Szmerling for help to give up smoking.

G’day Adam

Glad he is seeing you for smoking. I hope he finds it as helpful as I did.

BTW mate I haven’t had a cigarette in 4 months and feel no interest in them whatsoever.



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