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Therapy For General Anxiety Disorder

It wasn’t until after the second session with you that I began to notice useful changes in the way I was thinking and feeling, and the following sessions massively boosted this.

NLP ‘therapy’ was used to reduce Emma’s anxiety levels which in turn led to a reduction in the symptoms of what she later discovered was a hereditary condition called Essential Tremor.

Steve You asked me to let you know of progress with my shaky hands and I have already had some! Today I had to show a client down to the meeting room and I found myself offering him a drink. I would never normally have offered a drink. I would have felt too scared, but I felt strangely confident. Although I felt a bit nervous in my tummy, I didn’t shake and my hands were very steady so this is very good news. Thanks very much Emma O

and many months later…

Hi Steve I am doing very well. Since seeing you I have been diagnosed with Essential Tremor, a hereditary condition. Your sessions helped me though, to not feel so nervous in situations that I knew would start the tremor. Thank you for your help, it really did make a difference.” Emma

Russell had tried therapy in many different forms, for years, and suffered from what can best be described as general anxiety disorder, depression, and in his words, low self esteem…

Hi Steve As you know, despite holding a senior and well paid job I was anxious, lacking in confidence, bordering on depression and had a variety of issues. I had been to see countless therapists over the years and had tried a variety of anti-depressants, none of which had helped even slightly. I now feel full of hope and am optimistic about the future and I can honestly say that coming to see you has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Thanks you, Steve Russell D

Martin needed therapy because he suffered from a form of anxiety which could quite easily be described as general anxiety disorder, which was affecting his work and his relationship with his wife…

Steve I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. The sessions we had back in October were fantastic, opening many doors for me and closing doors to unwanted and empty places. My relationship has improved and I feel much more in control of the negative feelings that still occasionally arise. Many thanks. Have a great 2006 Martin

Emma needed therapy as she had been suffering from a combination of general anxiety disorder and depression following the break-up of a long term relationship. She knew that the relationship was over, but kept getting upset memories of it…

Hi Steve Thanks very much for your help . I’d felt like someone close to me had suddenly died and I had felt like this for the past few months but I really feel alright now – quite calm, can sleep properly, clear-headed and can concentrate on other things. Of course sad things happen but being able to limit the effect this had had on my health – and other parts of my life that are working OK – is such an asset. Being able to think does give a clearer view on things. I decided not to contact Phil after seeing you. It seemed like something that had happened years ago and as I left things OK with him there’s no need for me to do any more. I do feel so much happier. Thanks again for your help Emma

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