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As everything worked out so well I don’t think I need to see you next Monday, so would like to cancel my appointment. Hopefully now that everyone at work has seen the change in me, you’ll be getting lots of referrals through!

Jackie had a severe fear of flying which was resolved in two sessions.

Hi Steve,

I saw you a couple of times mid-December before going out to visit my sister in the US – as I had a fear of flying. Just wanted to say a jolly big thank you for helping me so much.

Both flights were great. I managed to relax on the way out and would almost go as far as say that I enjoyed the flight (or certainly 8 hours of doing nothing – which is a rare treat these days!). On the way back I flew through the night so it felt a bit less relaxed. The best part was I didn’t feel I was going to fall apart or not get on the flight, as has happened previously, and was able to be a normal person on the flight looking after my 2-year old, rather than a nervous wreck.

I also downloaded the recordings you sent me, which were really helpful.

Thank you so much for helping me with this totally irrational but overwhelming phobia. I’ve recommended you to countless people!

Best wishes for a happy 09.


Jane had not stopped her family flying on foreign holidays. She had just stayed at home every time…

Dear Steve

Many thanks for helping me finally defeat my flying phobia. I am still amazed at how quickly you were able to sort me out, it seems weird that one hour’s hypnosis can end a lifetime’s nerves. I had a brilliant holiday. Now at last I know I can travel abroad with my family – and actually look forward to it!

Thanks again


Heather had a severe fear of flying

Hello Steve Tromans

Just a quick e-mail of a success story. I came to you last October for some hypnotherapy for fear of flying before I went on a long back-packing trip. I only came for one session as I was leaving the next week. Whatever you did, my fear of flying has completely gone, and I had no panic attacks or nervous feelings while I was flying. Within five months I did seven plane trips. I am very grateful and find flying quite enjoyable now depending on what food and films they’re playing!

Many many thanks


Liz had a fear of flying that made family holidays horrendous for her…

Hi Steve,

Just got back from my hols and wanted to thank you so much for giving me (and my family) our lives back. The flight was great and I really enjoyed my holiday. I’m just in the process of booking more flights so that we can take Mandy away to Disneyland towards the end of the year.

Thanks again.

Kind regards


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