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There are so many phobias and fears that we help people to resolve that we have now also put them into sub-indexes to make it a little easier for you to browse. These sub-indexes are as follows.

Common PhobiasWe list these first because they are the most common fears we have dealt with through the years and they include fear of flying, phobia of public speaking, fear of heights and social phobia and that old ‘favourite’, terror of spiders. 
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Animals And BirdsWe have many pages on the more common animal and insect phobias, including the ‘horror’ of cats, dogs, horses. The way these problems function in the mind of the individual, though, are broadly similar, so the same techniques that have been proven to be effective in stopping a person being terrified of dogs, for example, work perfectly well with something more unusual, such as a phobia of llamas (which we don’t have a separate page for…). 
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Insects And ReptilesThe ‘classic’ spider phobia is linked from this page, but you will also find links to further information about the phobia of wasps and bees, and fears of snakes, moths, frogs and cockroaches. There is also a page on the fear and phobia of insects and bugs in general.
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MedicalOK, so the word ‘medical’ is a bit of a generalisation for this next category and it is just used for convenience. It covers fears of getting or having diseases, phobias of doctors, dentists and hospitals, a phobic response to injections and needles, and, of course, hypochondria.
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SocialOnce again ‘social’ is a ‘catch-all’ word that in this context describes a wide range of phobic reactions to social situations, whether it be interview nerves, paralysing worry about eating out, fear of commitment, fear of intimacy, being alone, and, naturally, social phobia. You will also find a link to a page about how we help stage fright.
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MiscellaneousIn this section we have links to pages cover fears of travelling by train, car, plane, extreme anxiety about driving, and phobias of water, loud noises, terrorism, death, dying and bridges. The fear of gagging of choking (whether on food or drink or not), has its own page. Two well-known phobias are also included here, namely claustrophobia and agoraphobia and there is also a link to how we treat the slightly vaguer sounding ‘fear of failure’.
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