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Loss Of Confidence Is A Very Common Problem

One of the most common issues faced by equestrians is a loss of confidence. Sometimes this applies to one aspect of their riding, for example canter transitions or jumping, sometimes to all of their riding, sometimes to everything they do with their horse whether riding or dealing with the horse from the ground.

The Problem Is Not Always Related To A Specific Event

The loss of confidence may be related to a specific event but often the rider does not know why their confidence has gone, all that they are aware of is a feeling of anxiety — or even sheer panic — when they think about riding.

For Some, Their Problems Are Context Related

Some riders lack confidence in a specific context such as out hacking, riding in an arena or at a competition. For others it may be related to a specific activity or problem such as fear of jumping, cantering, spooking, bolting, or rearing.. Again, these fears may be related traumatic events in the past or the rider may have developed anxiety about what ‘might’ happen without any obvious reason.

The Balance Of Competence And Confidence

Of course, riding is a risk sport and there is always a balance between competence and confidence. If a lack of confidence is related to an insufficient level of competence then the solution will not be found only by changing thought patterns and emotional responses but by finding good professional equestrian support.

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