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You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Water

The Phobia Of Water – Eliminate This Fear With Hypnotherapy And NLP

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Imagine how good it would be,
  • Without your fear of water.
  • If you are scared to go swimming,
  • Or are terrified of boats or ferries,
  • Understand that there is a cure.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

Being afraid of water is fairly understandable, especially if you aren’t a strong swimmer. However, for a surprisingly large number of people it goes way beyond being a little afraid.  Someone suffering from a full-blown phobia of water may not even be able to get in a bath!

Most people suffering from extreme fear of water don’t go quite that far, needless to say.  For the majority this issue manifests in panic at the thought of being out of their depth in a swimming pool or the ocean or the inability to travel by boat. Some are unable to travel by plane if their journey would take them over a large body of water; some are in terror as they travel over a bridge.

We see a number of adults with this issue who are worried that they will pass their problem on to their children.

Where Does My Fear Of Water Come From?

Well at some point you must have been terrified whilst in water, or thinking about water. Your brain created what we call a ‘conditioned response’ to water and that was that.  It is interesting to note that there was a large increase in reported phobias of water in the USA following the release of the film Jaws…

What Are You Going To Do To Cure My Phobia?

You ‘learned’ the phobia quickly; it often takes just one horrible incident to create this kind of response. Phobias are, in fact, a wonderful example of the speed the brain can learn something.

Because the brain is capable of learning so fast, it tend to respond very well to the hypnosis and NLP techniques we use.  Our approach is very direct and simply reconditions the response.  Water is something you need to maintain a healthy respect for, however, and you can rest assured that the treatments will provide you with a more balanced way of thinking and feeling.  As with the majority of these kinds of phobias, we expect to be able to sort the issue within one or two sessions.

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  1. Jasminder says:

    I used to swim ,just one kind of stroke. Suddenly had a panic attack in the water about 2years. Have tried a therapist and swimming instructors but has not worked. I feel like a failure . I need help

    • steve says:


      Well we dont really do ‘therapy’ consider it more ‘mind training’. We have all dealt successfully, some of us have seen many hundreds of phobics so do please feel free to contact whichever of the team is closest to you.

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