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Hypnotherapy And NLP Phobia Of Surgery

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‘Thanks for helping me cope with my fear of anaesthesia and surgery. The surgery was successful…’

The Fear Of Surgery

This can be divided into two ‘areas’, firstly the phobia of surgery in general, secondly the extreme fear some people experience when they learn that they need an operation themselves.

Some people live in constant fear that they may need an operation at some point in their life. For whatever reason (and it really doesn’t matter how the phobia began) they have learned to be very afraid at the idea of getting a disease or illness that may lead to an operation, or that they may have an accident that would result in some kind of surgical procedure being necessary.

Others, when learning that they are going to require an operation due to illness or an accident find themselves in a state of utter terror at the prospect. The fear is always based on a combination of fear of incapacitation/pain/death/being out of control (fear of anaesthesia).  This state of high anxiety is obviously not the best place to be in the days, weeks or months leading up to the surgery itself.

Hypnotherapy And NLP To Cure Fear Or Phobia Of Surgery

The techniques we will use to help you to overcome this problem will depend upon your individual circumstances. For some, the direct reconditioning techniques such as the NLP Fast Phobia Cure will be all you need. Others may need a combination of approaches.

Approaches That Simply Work

Whatever sort of help you need, the fields of NLP and hypnotherapy can supply it and we tailor what we do to your needs.  For surgery phobia we expect the number of sessions to range, on average, from one to four.

Fear Of Surgery And Anaesthesia Testimonial

Hi Steve

Thanks for helping me cope with my fear of anaesthesia and surgery. The surgery was successful and there is no sign of malignancy. I’m now recovering at home.

Best Wishes

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