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You Can Stop Your Phobia Of Heights

Hypnotherapy and NLP to Help You Stop Phobia Of Heights

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Some people can’t even climb stairs,
  • Let alone go in tall buildings.
  • Imagine what life will be like,
  • When you overcome fear of heights.
  • There is help for height phobia,
  • It is NLP and hypnosis.

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‘Susan’s fear of heights was beginning to affect her daily life.

The Phobia Of Heights Is A Common Problem

One of the most common fears we get to help people with is the phobia of heights. This can range from extreme nervousness in tall buildings to utter panic at the thought of going up a flight of steps. In fact, very occasionally we have had to make special arrangements to see the client on the ground floor because even the thought of going up two or three steps made them feel terrified!

Where does my height phobia come from?

It is said by many that the fear of heights is one of that all humans are born with, the other is being afraid of loud and sudden noises (people have researched this, apparently). A small child does not seem to be afraid of falling when it begins to learn to walk, however, though it does develop a certain amount of caution after a while. It is highly likely that someone who is overly afraid of heights ‘learned’ the response at some point in their lives, perhaps by suddenly imagining what it would be like to fall…

The Fear Of Heights Is The Fear Of Falling

Usually, the way this manifests in consciousness is that the closer the person gets to the ‘drop’ the more they vividly imagine either jumping off or falling. It is this thought that causes the adrenal release and subsequent panic response.

What Are You Going To Do To Help My Fear Of Heights?

The best techniques for this are the straightforward direct ones such as the NLP Fast Phobia Process. However, we will tailor out approach to suit your individual needs as there are a whole host of techniques that have shown to be useful in helping this phobia. This fear is quite simply a conditioned response, so we simply recondition it for you.

Will I Be Completely Confident?

Being hesitant or cautious about big heights is a natural human response and we would want to maintain that for you (your mind would maintain it anyway) – feeling utterly fear free with your toes curling over a thousand meter drop is not a normal response (for most people)!

Problems Encountered By People With A Phobia Of Heights

  • Going upstairs
  • Being in a tall building
  • Driving near a drop, cliff, valley etc
  • Too afraid to fly
  • Going up a ladder
  • Looking down a stairwell
  • Watching a TV program or film involving heights
  • And obviously being near a steep drop, cliff etc

How Long Will The Treatment Take?

Typically this takes 1 -2 hours work

Dizziness Treatment Testimonial

Susan had always been afraid of heights…


I had always been afraid of heights, and I first came to see Laura Spicer when my fear of crossing bridges and standing on train platforms started to affect my life in a serious way. I was also pregnant with my first child and did not want to pass on my phobias to him. I had heard lots of good things about NLP, and contacted Laura as a result of a friend’s recommendation. I found Laura to be very approachable and sympathetic, and the session helped me enormously to view my problem in a different light. I learned to replace my negative thoughts about heights with stronger and more positive images. At the end of the session, I found that I could cross a bridge alone, and stand on train platforms (and catch a train!) – things that I had not been able to do previously without significant upset.

I have subsequently been able to maintain this progress, and feel much more happier, confident and relaxed as a result. Thank you!


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