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You Can Overcome Phobia Of Terrorists and Terrorism

Hypnotherapy & NLP: Phobia Of Terrorism And Fear Of Terrorists.

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • But some people have huge fears
  • When they are not really in danger.
  • If this is you, help is at hand.
  • This kind of fear is curable.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works

Firstly the fear of terrorism is not an ‘irrational’ fear, especially for those who have witnessed terrorism or have had friends or family injured or killed because of an act of terrorism. It is a more complex issue to discuss than something more straightforward such as the fear of spiders, or other simple phobias.

Also we let the client define terrorism for themselves. We are in the world of healing, not politics.

Some people are living in real and daily fear of terrorism because it is happening all around them on a regular basis. If this is happening to you then you may well not be in a position to easily visit one of us anyway.  We do recommend that you get one of the CDs or MP3s from the page, not because they will make all your problems go away, but because with regular listening they will help you begin to be calmer and to maintain a better sense of perspective.

Fear Of Terrorism Due To An Event That You Or Someone Close To You Witnessed.

Firstly let us explain what we are not going to do. We are not going to sit there hour after hour letting you go over and over the event, or events, in your mind. We do not offer a counselling service. It can be very useful to seek counselling for trauma.  Usually, however, we see people for whom counselling has run its course and yet they still seem to be stuck with the fears.

Getting A Better Sense Of Perspective

What we do is use NLP and hypnotherapy to literally train you to think differently about things.  Our work is partly based on the observation and ‘modelling’ of people who have got over problems. In working out how people who USED to be scared but aren’t anymore, or USED to be traumatised but aren’t anymore.  For example, someone who had a traumatic and horrible experience years ago will, when remembering the event, tend to defocus their eyes as they talk to you, and remember the event quite distantly in their mind; quite literally they will look as if they are looking at it a long way away. Someone who is still traumatised or overcome with fear will tend to think of it as if it is happening to them, seeing or imagining it again as if they are ‘right there’. One useful technique is to train the person with the fear, or trauma, to move the thought into the distance, repeatedly, until their brain begins to do it automatically. This may sound very simplistic, but in conjunction with hypnotic language and other NLP approaches it can be very effective. You teach and train the person with the problem to think of the problem in the same way as someone who used to have a problem.

Fear Of Terrorism Resulting From The Media

Anyone who watched the news will have been subject to images of war, destruction, suffering and terrorism. A large number of people have developed a serious dread and terror due to this continuous flow of shocking ‘input’. It’s hardly surprising, really.

Once again our approach is pragmatic and direct, not therapy – training.

Yes of course it’s awful that these things have happened, are happening and sadly look likely to continue to happen.  If your life has been put on hold because the dread of terrorism then it is time for you to do something about it. (We are talking here about people who aren’t in regular risk of suffering from acts of terror).

We don’t aim to ‘delete’ thoughts from your mind, minds don’t seem to work like that anyway, and our aim is to give you the necessary perspective to get on with your life, to literally train you so that you are in control of your imagination……rather than having it the other way round.

How Long Will All This Take?

This will depend upon your individual circumstances so please contact us to discuss your situation. Rest assured that will do our best to help you eliminate (within reason) the fear of terrorism, as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to make comments and or ask questions.

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