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Overcome Your Fear Of Having Cancer

Hypnotherapy And NLP To Overcome Fear Of Cancer

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • If you have cancer,
  • The fear can be overwhelming.
  • We are not claiming we help cancer,
  • But we do help people cope.
  • Treatment for anxiety about cancer.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

I Am Afraid Of Cancer

This page is devoted to providing information on how we can help those suffering from Cancer, or those who have had the disease and are now living in fear of it coming back. If you don’t actually have the disease, and have never had it, but are excessively and overly concerned about getting it we have another page devoted to providing information that can help you.Fear Of Getting Cancer

Learn To Gain Control Over Your Imagination And Feelings

There are very few people who wouldn’t be very worried about a diagnosis of cancer. That would be normal.  What isn’t at all helpful is when someone is continues to be overcome with fear to the detriment of everyday living. We aren’t claiming to be able to help cancer. However, what we can very often do is work with someone to enable them to gain control over their thoughts and feelings so that they can get on with their lives. This enables them to be calmer in thought and feeling, and to be able to sleep well to assist in the body’s fight against the disease.

Secondly, for those people who have got rid of cancer but are constantly worried about it coming back, it is possible to learn, once again, to put these thoughts into perspective.

How And When This Fear Manifests

  • At the initial moment of diagnosis
  • Being worried about the effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Being afraid of surgery
  • Being scared of dying
  • Being terrified of being in pain
  • The excessive fear of being ‘out-of-control’
  • Being overly worried about how the condition is/may affect relatives/friends
  • If you have beaten cancer, being constantly anxious that it will come back

Hypnotherapy And NLP – Approaches That Simply Work

We work directly with the way you are thinking about cancer and its consequences. It isn’t a counseling session to enable you to talk through the way you think and feel, there are others who provide this valuable service. Our use of hypnotherapy and NLP is all about training your mind in terms of the way that you think about the disease and your life and therefore tends to be fairly rapid.

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