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You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Hypnotherapy And NLP To Ease Fear Of Getting Or Having Alzheimer's Disease

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • One of the biggest fears
  • Is the fear of Alzheimer’s disease
  • A phobia of Alzheimer’s is rare
  • Anxiety about the disease is not
  • You can get help for this anxiety.
  • Hypnosis and NLP works.

Stop Being Afraid Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Some studies show that the fear of getting Alzheimer’s disease is the number one fear in Americans over 55 years of age, even ahead of the fear of getting cancer. This page is not going to inform you about the disease as there are plenty of good sources of information freely available on the internet. As you have reached this page it is likely that you will probably know a lot about it anyway.
This is about how we can help you to stop being afraid of having, or getting it.  If you are a carer for someone with a long-term illness such as this then please visit the page devoted to providing information as to how we can help you –

More information about stress relief for carers

Hypnotherapy & NLP To Help You Gain Control Over How You Think And Feel

This isn’t about counseling you either. What we do is employ what we consider to be the best hypnotherapeutic and neuro-linguistic techniques to help you to gain control over your mind and your emotions, to help you to put Alzheimer’s into perspective. These approaches are rapid and direct, almost the opposite to those employed by many counselors and are to be considered more ‘training’ than ‘therapy.

Worried About Being Out Of Control

Many people are scared of being out of control, and it is when this anxiety escalates to the point that it negatively affects your daily living that its worth doing something to put a stop to it. The person may fully understand that their fear is irrational but that doesn’t stop them doing it. It can be like watching a horrible TV program that you can’t stand yet you find yourself watching it anyway…

Learning To Cope With Alzheimer’s

Some people cope better than others. What is the difference between someone who copes well with Alzheimer’s disease and someone who doesn’t? Well it comes down to how they have learned to think about it. Different styles of thinking creative different moods. These styles of thinking can be trained to become more flexible, and subsequently when the way the person thinks changes for the better, their feelings change for the better. We are not saying that we will provide you with a magical cure for Alzheimer’s disease. We are saying that we can usually help people to change the way that they think about it, and improve the way that they feel.

How We Will Help You

Everyone is different and the way we work with you will depend upon how you are thinking, the way you are inadvertently ‘producing’ the fear.  We do expect, though, that the treatment will only take a few sessions to be successful.

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