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Help Stop Facial Tics

Help stop facial tics

Hypnotherapy And NLP Treatments For Your Facial Tic

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • If you suffer from a facial tic
  • Or a facial twitch
  • You may be surprised to learn
  • That facial tics can be helped.
  • A facial tic is an unconscious reflex
  • Sometimes hypnosis can really help

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‘This is just a quick note to express my sincere thanks for the work you have done with both of my issues…’

If you suffer from these kinds of problems then you don’t need us to tell you that they can be very embarrassing (and irritating) when they occur.

Children often develop a short lived problem with facial tics. It is quite common and almost always goes away by itself. One medical term for this is transient tic disorder.  Occasionally, however, the problems persist beyond childhood, or they manifest separately in adulthood.  The kinds of physiological symptoms experienced by someone with a so-called ‘facial tic’ include involuntary muscle twitching, often around the eyes (squinting is a common symptom as is blinking), wrinkling the nose, twitching around the corners of the mouth, grimacing of the entire face and also involuntary grunting.

Help stop facial tics. What causes my facial tic?

No-one knows for sure. One thing is for certain though, it is an unconscious act that is often made worse by anxiety or stress, and because it is an unconscious, involuntary act, it is sometimes possible to help with hypnotherapy, which accesses the healing power of your unconscious mind to simply switch the problem off. We don’t just treat the anxiety or stress, though…

How are you going to help my facial tic?

Well we certainly do not claim to be able to always be able to help. There are a variety of medications that have shown themselves to be of use in getting someone to stop this problem.  Some people we have seen have used botox to ‘freeze’ that part of the face that was prone to twitching. It is possible to help stop facial tics in this way. This can work, but the injections wear off after a while and so they have to have repeated treatments.

Help stopping facial tics. These problems can sometimes respond very well to hypnosis

Physiological problems such as this can sometimes well to hypnosis.  We tend to use hypnotherapy in conjunction with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Responses such as excessive blushing, or excessive sweating can be substantially diminished using these techniques, and facial twitching can respond in the same kind of way to this combination of techniques and approaches.

Testimonial about help with a facial cic

Jim (name changed, as always) came to see me about a sexual problem he had been experiencing. In the initial discussion I noticed that he had a slight twitch at the side of his left eye. I spoke to him about it and he said it used to really bother him but since he had stared having botox injections it didn’t trouble him. He was due for another botox injection in a few days hence the twitching was beginning to come back. I told him that I may well be able to stop the tic with hypnosis.

Hi Steve

This is just a quick note to express my sincere thanks for the work you have done with both of my issues. I am especially impressed that the tic has totally stopped as I don’t remember what it was that you did to influence it. It’s now six weeks since I last had the botox injection

Anyway, thanks again


Please feel free to make comments and or ask questions.

10 Responses

  1. kwynn alge says:

    I don’t only have the twitching and awful squinting but also in my nose i can’t really breath normal. It’s is hard to explain it’s a tic that makes me make this noise out of my nose, like i can’t even explain it. I have gotten sick from the stress of not being able to stop. Kids at school won’t stop asking why I am winking at them but it’s my squinting tick I got that question from people alot. I had friends getting angry at the nose tic it is a very stressful thing. I am Eleven. any suggestions for me???????????????PLEASE HELP

    • steve says:

      Hi and sorry to hear about this. Because you are 11 then it is best to talk to your parents or guardians about this. At the foot of this page there is a list of people who may be able to help so maybe ask an adult to get in touch with someone close (hopefully there is someone close…)

  2. Sam says:

    Ok, this is weird. For about year I’ve been having these little head jerks and eyebrow twitching-moving . Also, you know that muscle that you use to flex your arms to show muscles ? Yeah , that twitches too, along with the one in my leg. I dont know if I explained it well enough.. Sorry .. But how can i stop this without medications or hypnosis ?! No one has ever told e in school, but I fear kids have noticed…my parents actually told me once,”why are your eyebrows moving like that?” I think my anxiety and panic attacks and stress. Please help!!

    • steve says:

      Hi and thanks for your comment. Because of your age you will need to contact us via a parent or guardian (sorry). Try contacting one of my associates at the foot of the page (the one closest to you). Best Wishes.

  3. Jackson says:


    I have experienced the following for a number of years:

    Rolling of the eyes, grimacing, scrunching up my face, mouth twitching. I put everything I have into controlling it around people, and often do it when people aren’t looking, but if I want to stop doing it without even thinking about it. I’m in my early 30’s and I’ve been dealing with this since childhood. I’ve tried hypnosis before but to no avail.

    Will ‘relief from stress’ by Duncan McColl help me to get rid of these twitches for good?



    • steve says:


      I have sometimes been able to get someone to stop unwanted facial movements in one-to-one sessions. I am not sure that Duncan McColl’s relief from stress recording will be enough by itself, though it is certainly one of my favourites.

  4. Marsye says:

    So hi,
    It’s not that bad, like, my tic is not.. horrible, but when I was younger, when I raised the corner of my nose (like you do when you’re disgusted) it always started to move uncontrollably. Now, now I’m 14 years old, it begins to feel like it’s gonna move uncontrollably at any time. Im so afraid it will be moving like that all the time at some point..
    When I raise that same corner of my nose just a liiiiiiiittle bit so you just can’t see I’m raising it yet, it already starts to act so.. spams-ish..

    It sounds pretty cool to me that hypnosis could help to reduce this kind of tics

    Excuse my for my English by the way, I’m not from England or Amerika or any other English-speaking country.

    Thanks in advance,

    • steve says:

      Hi Marsye

      Thanks for your message and your English is great, by the way.

      Yes hypnosis can sometimes help with this, in my experience. Also mindfulness in general can be of help sometimes. Do some simple kind of mindfulness exercise now and again throughout the day such as this one

      Best Wishes

      Steve Tromans

  5. Anil says:

    i have a facial tick problem, i ususally raise eyebrows, all d time, it is causing a problem with my image, its really weired, please help me out with this problem, im from India

    • steve says:

      Hi Anil
      Sorry to hear about that and also I am sorry I dont know of anyone in India who can help you. I wish I did. In terms of self help any form of deep breathing/yoga/meditation may help with this over time. You may have to persistent though.
      Best Wishes
      Steve Tromans

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