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Excessive Blushing - Therapy Testimonials

It is now two years since I came to see you first. My life has changed so much since that day

Katie had severe and chronic excessive facial blushing problems that had affected both her work life and her private life. I saw her for two sessions. She noted imediate benefits which improved further over time…

Dear Steve,

I would like to give a testimonial concerning the help you gave me concerning blushing. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner as I have a lot to thank you for.

I came to you with a fear that my constant blushing was holding me back in my career and in life in general. Even menial tasks like shopping at the supermarket would cause me concern as I would immediately blush if I bumped into someone I knew.

I have now got to the point where blushing isn’t a major part of my life anymore. I still blush on occasions, but far less than I used to and generally when I am tired, or when any human being would! More importantly for me is that if i do blush, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I just get on with things.

You have given me the courage and confidence to put myself forward in my career. I recently got promoted and have been recommended for accelerated promotion as I am doing so well.

I can’t believe it only took two sessions!

I am seriously considering coming to you for some further help for public speaking as this is an area I would like to improve for the future. We shall see.

Thank you so much


Fay suffered from excessive facial blushing since her teenage years. She found herself caught in a circle of blushing and worrying about blushing, which made the problem worse. Fay’s blushing was so uncontrolled that she found herself avoiding social situations and she struggled to manage with her job in customer relations.

Hi Debbie

Just a quick note to let you know that I am feeling so much better since I saw you….thank you!


It is possible to treat excessive blushing successfully, as the following testimonials illustrate…

Dear Steve

I’m contacting you to say thank you ever so much for treating me last Tuesday for blushing. In the last week I have noticed a great improvement and on occasions I would normally have blushed I have found myself to be so much more relaxed and in control and amazed at the power of the mind!

Thanks again, I really enjoyed the session and returned home in an extremely happy mood!


and, several months later…

Hi Steve

Things have very much improved over the last few months. The blushing has decreased and I have felt much more in control of it. There are rare occasions when I may still blush but I do feel these are common and natural to all members of the human race!

Thanks again for the session


This client needed just two sessions .


It has been a week since my session with you and it has been lots better and I haven’t heavily blushed in that week, although I have had my moments when I have blushed. I still find myself getting anxious about certain situations but not half as much as before. I feel a lot stronger and am able to block a lot of things out of my mind.

I enjoyed the session and was surprised to feel the difference almost immediately.

Many Thanks


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